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December 12, 2008

My Offseason Is Officially Over

"Bright is the moon high in starlight -
Chill in the air cold as steel tonight -
We shift- call of the wild - fear in your eyes -
It's later than you realized"
- Metallica, "Of Wolf and Man" (video after post)


Look what arrived at my house this week:

It's mostly the same as last year's version; it doesn't even include an updated disclaimer that "You may train for this race for seven months only to have it cancelled by wildfires 48 hours beforehand." Not that I'm still disappointed from that.

Anyway - I guess this means I should start thinking about the 2009 race, which means that I should probably start, you know ... training for it. Which is why I'll be lacing up my shoes in the dark, cold December morning tomorrow to take on my favorite back-breaking climb. And why I need to start going to bed earlier. And eating less. And about 50 other things that I've happily forgotten about since the 100-mile weeks of last spring and summer. It won't all happen overnight, but it will happen.

At least, I'll do my part - and then I'll just hope that the fates decide to cooperate next year.


Finally, in reference to the intro quote ... Metallica's back! I never thought I'd say this, but their new album is as good as anything they've ever done. I need to write a whole post about this. In the meantime, here's a sorta-old school concert clip featuring "Of Wolf and Man". Such great memories:


Dave 12/12/08, 2:15 PM  

Dude...congrats big time on the WS100 pain and suffering express...plus with a little Metallica to boot. (little know secret...this choir boy listens to Metallica when the pain really sets in during long runs....with the angst and all...sorry more rambling...)

angie's pink fuzzy 12/12/08, 3:18 PM  

wooo hooooooo!!!

(and what I really wanna know is your thoughts on chinese democracy...)

triguyjt 12/12/08, 4:50 PM  

Let the Aleve roll......
Good luck in ramping up the training...

Backofpack 12/12/08, 6:14 PM  

What is an off season anyway?

Oh, you know you love it and you're excited and ready to tackle the training. Come on, now, admit it!

21stCenturyMom 12/12/08, 7:45 PM  

Happy Trails to sloth! [insert Lily Tomlin snort]

Darrell 12/12/08, 9:47 PM  

Sweet news. Gives me the chills just to think about it.

Rainmaker 12/13/08, 7:09 AM  

Sweet! And sweet-paper that's a big ole' guide. Getting off the offseason? Not so sweet.

Thomas 12/13/08, 12:06 PM  

A true classic. The video, I mean. And Western States too, I suppose.

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