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October 27, 2008

A Little Bigger, A Little Better

“Is it getting better … or do you feel the same?”
- U2, “One”

Last Friday I showed up for our group’s normally scheduled 6-mile trail run, marking the fourth workout I had attempted since cracking my ribs a few weeks ago. Since a few people have asked, here’s a status report on the injury:

For the first two attempts, I couldn’t take any labored breath without sharp, severe pain, and couldn’t stand completely upright. The first workout was aborted after 10 minutes, the second after 20.

On the third attempt, stabbing pain only accompanied deep breaths, and I could stand generally upright. I stayed out for an hour, moving very slowly and cautiously. Remember the first episode of this season’s Biggest Loser, when all the contestants whimpered and moaned and cried just to make it through an uphill 1-mile hike? That’s exactly what I felt like on my third run.

Which leads us to Friday morning, where a friend and I had the following exchange:

Him: Are you still having a lot of pain?

Me: Not as much. Now it only hurts when I take deep breaths going uphill, or when I feel jostling going downhill. Or anytime I land on my left foot. Other than that, everything’s perfect.

Needless to say, I’m not thrilled with the pace of progress – but I’m optimistic that the situation will continue to gradually resolve. Meanwhile, since I can’t tolerate swimming any better than running, I’ve pretty much abandoned all forms of exercise, as well as any hopes of staying in shape as the holiday season approaches.

As if this wasn’t depressing enough, this morning I suffered the final indignity: I had to fasten my belt on the second buckle hole instead of its customary third slot. I know I’m not a Loser, but one thing is certain: I’m definitely bigger than I used to be.

Thank God it’s the off season.


Darrell 10/27/08, 10:16 PM  

Hang in there big guy, it's gonna be alright.

Legs and Wings 10/27/08, 10:35 PM  

A little 'off season' is good for you now and then. What's the typical timeline for this type injury?

Rick Gaston 10/28/08, 12:01 AM  

Thank God it's off-season. I've suffered from the indignity of not even fitting in my "fat shorts". Well tomorrow is another day, tomorrow is the next. I hope everything knits together nicely and you are ready to go come January. Enjoy your break from running. I'm sure you'll come back to it with renewed vigor. I'm going to hate seeing you in the next year, all fast and running with a vengeance.

angie's pink fuzzy 10/28/08, 7:17 AM  

glad you are healing up...it's good to have an off-season...and that buckle will tighten right back up again...

Dave 10/28/08, 7:51 AM  

Been there on the belt hole change. I know you won't let it progress in the wrong direction.

olga 10/28/08, 9:15 AM  

Kind of like I am right now: with 2 months off due to pain and finally diagnosed with stress fracture. I am hoping it's healing (updates soon), and I'll start making runs 0f more than 3M shuffles. Breathing is ok, but fluidity is a problem!

triguyjt 10/28/08, 9:30 AM  

must be an epidemic on the belt hole thing...I went up one hole too...enough is enough..however i don't have cracked ribs as an excuse....

Makita 10/28/08, 9:34 AM  

Oh! Hang in there! You'll be back in the pool and on the trail before you know it, especially with the holidays to distract you. << Hugs >>

Annette 10/28/08, 10:49 AM  

What a bummer! I just caught up on how you cracked your ribs. What a downer to your vacation. I'm glad things are improving slightly - although it doesn't sound like you're really ready to be running yet. It always feels like forever when you're injured, but I know you'll be back at it 100% soon.

Anne 10/28/08, 12:22 PM  

I always thought it was six weeks of complete rest when you cracked a rib. I guess my doctor was wrong.

Just count your carbs until your health is fully restored. You'll pass the belt test soon enough.

Deene 10/28/08, 1:22 PM  

i added a pound of insulation for the winter season as well.

jen 10/28/08, 5:10 PM  

Oh man, sorry to hear you're still hurting. At least you are on the road to recovery! In the meantime, try just running with your right foot. :)

I'm in the "bigger" category as well, I feel your pain. Blech.

robtherunner 10/28/08, 9:29 PM  

I am sitting here eating a bowl of ice cream and cookies while reading this. I am certainly not losing any weight at the moment either. At least you have the excuse of being injured.

Rainmaker 10/29/08, 8:11 PM  

Well, look at the bright side - at least you have a solid excuse for not excercising in the off season - 'My Dr. said I couldn't!'.

Lucky you!

Get better soon!

RunBubbaRun 10/29/08, 8:38 PM  

Sorry to hear you are hurting..

But the getting bigger thing, I think I might have to go one size in my pants soon..Like a bear I need fat reserves for the winter.

Heal up soon.

Dori 10/29/08, 9:39 PM  

Oh, how awful that you cracked your ribs. I can only imagine how painful that is. But Donald, it's only been two weeks! I'm no doctor, but I have to believe that it takes a little longer than that for bones to heal. Hang in there--you'll bounce back into shape in no time.

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