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September 25, 2008

On and On

"In times like these - and times like those -
What will be will be - and so it goes -
And it always goes on and on ... on and on it goes"

- Jack Johnson, "Times Like These" (click to play)

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Today’s post is a quickie, which gives me space for a few administrative notes before we proceed …

* By all appearances, my short-lived Google Ads experiment has come to an end. Apparently, they don’t take very kindly to what they call “suspicious clicking”, and they don’t hesitate to pull the plug on any questionable conduct. It was a brief, torrid affair - and once they caught me cheating, they kicked me out of the house like an angry lover, and changed the locks to ensure that I’ll never darken their doorway again.

(Seriously - I can’t even log into my account page anymore. This is one hardcore grudge. I'm totally bummed.)

The lessons here are twofold, and the first one should be obvious: namely, that I’m an idiot. Second, and more important to others who may flirt with monetizing their website someday, is this: NOBODY messes with Google.

* I’ve been waiting about a month to post a certain video on my sidebar, but the production of it keeps getting delayed – so in the meantime, you’re getting a clip from the absolute best rock band out there today: Rise Against. They're releasing a new album in October, so if you want to know what kind of stuff I’ll be rocking to throughout the fall, the sidebar video (from their previous album) gives you a small sampling.

* This item may only make sense to one person … but if you happen to be reading my blog from the UC Davis campus, would you mind dropping me a quick e-mail (see my profile) to say hi? Otherwise, you’re starting to give me the creeps.

Sorry to be vague with that last one. On with the post …


Here we go again … :

In the aftermath of this year’s cancellation, I’m guessing that every single runner on the Western States start list had the same immediate thought that I did: we can still do the race next year, right?

It took less than 48 hours for the race committee to announce that every runner on the 2008 start list would be guaranteed a spot in the 2009 event. It took quite a bit longer for me to contemplate how I might train for this race again next year without the rest of my – and my family’s – life becoming quite as chaotic as it was this spring and summer. I’m still not sure that my strategy is 100% foolproof, but I guess we’ll wait and see how it goes.

As far as this blog is concerned, there’s probably going to be a strong sense of déjà-vu every now and again, as my race schedule will look remarkably similar to the 2008 version you see on the sidebar – with the obvious hopeful exception that the Western States link will have an actual race report instead of a lamentation. I still believe the story has the ending I want it to have; it’s just taking me an extra year to get there.

"Somehow I know - it won't be the same -
Somehow I know - it will never be the same."
- Jack Johnson, "Times Like These"


Rainmaker 9/25/08, 10:37 PM  

Sweet, another Active.com bank deposit!

As for creepy peoples, I stopped watching my creepy people tracking site - cause...well..there were creepy people. It's easier if I pretend they don't exist. It's only when they e-mail that it gets kinda 'complicated'.

stronger 9/26/08, 7:30 AM  

Ahhh, I coulda used that belt buckle this morning to complete D's Wild West Days look. :)

21stCenturyMom 9/26/08, 9:10 AM  

And one again, I will be your hostess, serving Cytoritas at mile 85. We'll have doctors and lots of duct tape there, too.

Darrell 9/26/08, 10:27 PM  

Here's to another year of 100 mile insanity.

Rick Gaston 9/27/08, 12:31 AM  

Sure an extra year longer but now you have 100-mile experience. You know exactly what feels like once you pass the 100k mark. You know how much fun it is at night, chasing after or getting chased by a set of lights:) Sorry about the google thing, I guess they have special tools to catch that kind of thing.

Annette 9/27/08, 6:20 PM  

Bring on round 2! I'm looking forward to the race report already. :)

RunBubbaRun 9/29/08, 5:02 AM  

Woohooo, WS100, gotta luv it..

Look foward to see you holding the silver buckle next year.

209Mike 9/29/08, 1:01 PM  

Looking forward to reading about the same adventures. I'm hoping to meet you out at some of those races.

olga 9/29/08, 2:46 PM  

You better get this noice thingy!

Journey to a Centum 9/29/08, 4:48 PM  


Perhaps I should find time to head down and volunteer at the race as a safety sweep or something.

I can't wait till the race is open again to us mere wanna-be Western State runners.

They should hold two races this year! Yeah that's it!

David 9/29/08, 6:15 PM  

What goes around comes around and the race calendar is no exception. For many of us, we forgot what you wrote last year so it'll be all new to us this year.

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