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July 16, 2008

Maybe I Should Have Just Schmoozed

I’m spending the night away from home tonight – and as is my usual custom when traveling, instead of schmoozing or networking, I headed out for a long run immediately after the close of business.

Almost five hours later, I trudged back to my hotel room, and climbed right into a cool shower to recover from the long, hot, humid workout. Afterward, I planned on sitting down at the computer to plunk out an intro to the Olympic post I mentioned last time – but unfortunately, my whole body ached like crazy, and all I wanted was to lie down and quickly fall asleep.

I knew it would be a good idea to walk some of the soreness out – so after showering, I dressed and walked down to the Trader Joes two blocks away. Then I bought a box of Joe-Joes.

I ate a handful of them while waiting for room service to arrive. And a couple more handfuls after dinner.

And by this time tomorrow, they’ll probably be gone.

Obviously, I’m kind of schizophrenic about this whole self-discipline thing after my brief hiatus from training. And I may have just set some sort of record for the shortest amount of time to cancel out the benefits of a 25-mile run.

Otherwise, I’m still extremely sleepy – so that’s all I’ve got for tonight. The Olympic post will have to wait another day.


Journey to a Centum 7/16/08, 9:06 PM  

How exactly do you qualify for an Olympic post? Is it like a fence post only faster?

Rainmaker 7/16/08, 9:13 PM  

Hope your long run went well!

Darrell 7/16/08, 11:25 PM  

Eric cracks me up.

and I'm with you on the running over schoozing.

21stCenturyMom 7/17/08, 7:32 AM  

Imagine that - you ran for 5 hours and then you got tired. Who wouldda thunk? Me - that's who. I would have gone 'thunk' about 3 hours into that run. So rest up - we'll still be here when you post your thoughts about the Olympics.

Backofpack 7/17/08, 8:35 AM  

Your five hour run is almost approaching my marathon times, but I bet you went alot farther! I'm not sure what joe-joes are - I know ho-ho's and jo-jo's, but I can't imagine that joe-joes are either. If the are from TJ they must be good!

David 7/17/08, 9:50 AM  

You did what any sensible hard-ass running addict would do. Skip the socializing unless they're on the road with you, knock out a few (!) miles and crash with the comfort of the food your body craves.

Wil 7/17/08, 5:25 PM  

Holy freaking cow. Five hours? You're a machine!

triguyjt 7/17/08, 5:52 PM  

give me a long workout on the road anyday....helps relieve the stress of deadline, covering something, waiting to talk to some guys who dont want to talk..hoping the satellite doesn't hiccup your best stuff to outerspace......

and yes..i have followed up a long long workout with massive amounts of grub.....enough for 3 people...

angie's pink fuzzy 7/22/08, 6:58 AM  

I don't know how many long run benefits I cancelled with JoJoes :)

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