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April 7, 2008

Garzas Creek: Listening Post

(click to play)



Wingman 4/7/08, 8:19 AM  

Wow - what a perfect place to run; I really need to get out of NYC.

Anonymous,  4/7/08, 8:53 AM  

Hey Donald, I ran in Garzas/Redwood about a week ago - no foot bridges - but the creek was down enough to cross on the rocks without getting wet.

Thanks for the post. I'll come back and relay this video times during my taper. Heck, I'll be all over the internet for the next few weeks and my posts will get wackier and wackier!

- Brian

RunBubbaRun 4/7/08, 7:20 PM  

Sounds of the trail. Gotta luv it..

Cool to just stop a listen for awhile.. Thanks for the sounds.

Rainmaker 4/7/08, 9:18 PM  

Great post! So nice to just enjoy nature and what's out there. Peaceful location.

Anne 4/8/08, 3:38 PM  

Nice commentary and soundtrack. I especially like the Daily Show homage at the end.

rick 4/9/08, 3:26 PM  

Beautiful! Running water is one of my favorites, next to the sound of surf crashing on sand.

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