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April 27, 2008

Hurricane Drums: Listening Post

Guess where I was this morning! ...


I've written about the taiko drummers at the Big Sur Marathon before; on Sunday, I had the pleasure of watching them for several minutes, part of which is shown above.

It was an unusual day for me, but a good one - as I'll explain in my next post.


SLB 4/27/08, 4:08 PM  

I love this kind of thing, very primative and very motivating all at the same time, thanks for sharing!

Rainmaker 4/27/08, 6:49 PM  

Very cool. I've seen smaller taiko drum groups before up in Seattle, but never something that big. It's amazing how mesmorizing it is to listen to.

Downhillnut 4/27/08, 6:52 PM  

Cool! Every time you share more about Big Sur, it moves a little higher on my to-do list.

We had a halfathon today, on which I cheer people up a hill, but our hill had bagpipes at the top this year.

Journey to a Centum 4/27/08, 9:28 PM  

Man, I always forget about the video function on my camera. I got some nice pictures of the drummers but the video rocks!

Thanks for running with me. I'm sure I made up some time because of the pace you set for me. The Gu and S-Caos didn't take too long to stop my leg cramps and I got the shuffle going and finished up without any more major problems.

Great to meet you this weekend. I wish you the best at Miwok! You are going to do great!

Trail Scat

Bullet 4/28/08, 5:55 AM  

If that doesn't get you pumped I don't know what will!

triguyjt 4/28/08, 6:07 AM  

I'm stoked.....where are my shoes.....

look forward to your next post

Makita 4/28/08, 6:49 AM  

Big Sur... hmmmmmmmmmmm
The drums are a big motivator just to register for next year! :D

Backofpack 4/28/08, 8:58 AM  

The drums and the piano were probably my two favorite things about the race, besides the fabulous views. Glad you got to hang out there for a couple minutes!

Anne 4/28/08, 9:06 PM  

Whoa, what's with the slo-mo moves on some of those drummers? I guess those are the kind of moves you miss when you're moving through at fast speeds. (They feature taiko drummers at the base of the big hill in the Vermont Marathon too...it's a great tradition).

Juls 4/28/08, 9:30 PM  

I still remember my experience with the taiko drummers at Big Sur. Also impressive is the fire torch juggling that you see on the dark bus ride to the start. Very cool.

Anonymous,  11/12/09, 2:11 PM  
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