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March 17, 2008

Return to Madness*

*only this time, it's not about running ...

It's a poorly-guarded secret around this blog that I bleed UCLA Bruin blue and gold.

I'm a UCLA alum. I wore their uniform in intercollegiate competition. I met my future wife in my freshman dormitory. I trained for my first marathon running endless miles around the campus. You could say there are some memories.

Throw in the fact that I'm an enormous sports fan, and this time of year is obviously an exciting one.

Two years ago, I wrote this post during March Madness, recalling a brush with college basketball royalty I was fortunate enough to have as an undergraduate. Then UCLA promptly went out and got crushed in the final game. So of course, I figured I must have jinxed them.

Last year, I kept all of those Bruin thoughts to myself, so if they lost, at least I wouldn't share any responsibility for it. Not only were they bounced again, by the same team (Florida), but it happened one round earlier than the previous year. In other words, my silence didn't do them a bit of good.

So this year, I'm back on the megaphone. Allow me one quick shout out today, and we're back to regularly scheduled running and rambling on Wednesday. And now, without further ado ...

Let's go Bru-ins! Clap clap clapclapclap!

OK, that's enough - I'll stop there. Thanks for indulging me. I feel much better.


a.maria 3/17/08, 7:09 AM  

hells yeah to march madness.

i'd love to see all the number one seeds get to the final four, so until that final game... i'm rootin' for ya!

MP3 e MP4 3/17/08, 7:41 AM  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Paul 3/17/08, 7:45 AM  

OK but just this once.

momo 3/17/08, 9:59 AM  

i used to feel the same way about my team. either they got bounced in the first round or they made it to the final four (can you guess who i'm talking about?).

shout it out, donald! could be likely that later on this month we'll be facing off. :-)

PreFan1982 3/17/08, 6:13 PM  

Ha Ha. Well how about my Georgia Bulldogs. Last seed team in the conference tournament and they won 3 games in 2 days to win the conference and go to the big dance...where Xavier will probably stop them

Anne 3/17/08, 7:20 PM  

When my Hokies almost knocked off No. 1 UNC, I thought for sure this year's contest was going to be one for the books. Now, I guess we can hope it's one for the Bruins. They do look strong.

Razorback 3/17/08, 8:18 PM  

I am counting on the Bruins winning me some money. i have them going all the way in my brackets

pchieng 3/21/08, 12:47 AM  

Even though I haven't watched a college basketball game all season, I am still excited for March Madness.

momo 3/24/08, 4:40 PM  

thank you for not rubbing it in that my team LOST IN THE FIRST ROUND AGAIN!!!!! :-)

momo 3/28/08, 9:38 AM  

ok, so i'm sure that now you're definitely not going to post about it in fear of jinxing it - which means i'll just have to keep coming back here to root your team on... :-)

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