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January 11, 2008

Now a Triathlete

In the previous post, I described how I was once a runner who came into possession of a somewhat valuable book, but have since become a triathlete who is more concerned with getting a significant bang for his buck.

My new toy from OneTri arrived this week. But first, indulge me in a brief background story of how it came to pass.

A little over a year ago, I received an e-mail from a guy named Jerry who was starting a new triathlon-related business, and wanted to discuss a sponsorship with me.

Now, I’ve never been sponsored for anything, except for my Catholic confirmation about 25 years ago – which, as any of my remaining Catholic family members will quickly tell you, didn’t end very well. So the idea of someone sponsoring me in pursuit of something I actually enjoyed sounded pretty nice.

The agreement wasn’t anything flashy – basically, he asked if I’d put his logo on my sidebar, in exchange for discounted merchandise. Since I had plenty of room on my sidebar (note to any other companies out there: I still do!), it seemed like an easy enough request to fulfill.

For one reason or another, I never really took him up on the reciprocal offer. And then this crazy Once a Runner thing happened like $250 falling out of the sky, and I figured it was a great opportunity to address a glaring need in my tri-gear inventory.

So I contacted Jerry again, and he assured me that our deal was still on. That’s when I ordered this:

It’s my new Zoot Z1 wetsuit. Actually, that’s not quite accurate: it’s my new Z1 WetZOOT. Seriously – it says so right here. I still have to get used to that.

The suit (sorry – I mean zoot) retails for almost $450, and OneTri had already discounted it to $314 on their website. Then Jerry hooked me up with another discount on top of that - I won’t tell you how much, but let’s just say that you probably couldn’t buy dinner with my outstanding balance after putting down that initial two-fifty.

It’s far and away the best deal I’ve received in a long time, so as you can guess, I’m a big OneTri fan right now. I know you have a lot of choices when it comes to buying tri-gear online, but do Jerry and me a favor and add OneTri to your list of bookmarked sites the next time you’re shopping around.

Now, as far as the wetZoot goes ….

This is the first tri-specific suit I’ve ever owned. Somehow I managed to muddle through my first decade as a triathlete either borrowing suits from friends, or using my surfing wetsuit (along with an insane amount of Bodyglide – I could tell you horror stories). So maybe the arrival of this wetZoot signifies my arrival as a completely self-sufficient triathlete, or something symbolic like that. Then again, maybe it just feels cool to finally have one of my own.

I didn’t get around to trying the zoot on until after our kids were asleep, so I spent a few minutes squirming into it in the living room while my wife and I were catching up on TV. Once I finally put it on, we had the following exchange:

Me: So what do you think?

Her: (staring, pensive)

Me: What?

Her: It makes you look kind of hot.

And that comment alone was enough to justify the purchase.

The zoot hasn’t seen one drop of water yet, and it’s already paying dividends that I can’t put a dollar amount on. Now I’m trying to come up with more excuses to put it on at night – I figure I can only get away with “double-checking the fit” about 2 or 3 more times before she starts to get suspicious.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait several months before I learn if the zoot performs as well in the water as it does in the living room. But I figure I’ll get a whole lot of action out of it (still talking about the water) for several years to come. Plus, I won’t have to badger my friends anymore, and I’ll probably save an awful lot of money on Bodyglide.

All of which makes for a pretty good outcome, when you consider that the whole thing started with the sale of a used paperback book.


Mangold DW 1/11/08, 4:59 AM  

You did much better than I... I got the "You look like a giant Michelin man". Not Good!

Funny story though, enjoy the new suit.

Triseverance 1/11/08, 6:39 AM  

Living room performance is very important. I am in the market for a wetsuit, I will look into One Tri.

Taryn 1/11/08, 8:15 AM  

Love it! Looking good always leads to better performance...

momo 1/11/08, 8:23 AM  

first - you'll love the suit. i have the zoot zenith and its awesome.

i also have three other suits. anyone in the market? can you sell them for me on ebay, donald?

secondly - hey, where are the pics??

Backofpack 1/11/08, 8:46 AM  

Momo is right - we need pics! I bet you look funny walking around town in the suit...

Annette 1/11/08, 9:24 AM  

I think you must be the kind of online commerce!

Enjoy the "zoot." Sounds like it's already paying off in ways you never imagined. ;)

Laurie 1/11/08, 9:41 AM  

You crack me up.

Who knew a wet suit had added benefits?

21stCenturyMom 1/11/08, 10:49 AM  

no pic = didn't happen. You know what to do!

And here's a suggestion... just whisper in your wife's ear, "remember how I looked in the Zoot?" and the rest should fall in to place with a lot less effort.

stronger 1/11/08, 11:09 AM  

It's gotta up the foreplay in the amount of time it takes to get out of those crazy wetsuits! Score for Mrs. Donald.

Rainmaker 1/11/08, 4:50 PM  

You need to get into the water my friend. When I was out your way back in September the water temp was 52*. According to the little thingy, it's currently 54*. No reason to not take a dip. :)

Of course, photos of your dip are required. (the swim...just to clarify)

robtherunner 1/11/08, 5:37 PM  

So you're saying all I have to do is buy a WetZOOT and I can get more action? Maybe I should look into this whole Triathlon dealy.

Downhillnut 1/11/08, 8:43 PM  

Nice Zoot! I'm thrilled just to buy a BIKE; I'm going to need a wet suit TOO? Maybe I should go through my old running books and see what I've got...

Darrell 1/11/08, 9:43 PM  

Oh, the places you could have gone with that one. Glad you kept all the action we need to know about in the water. Enjoy the new zoot, in all its possibilities!

rick 1/14/08, 11:01 PM  

Nice new suit. You should be faster just because you have something that fits you better and looks danged cool too. How can you not want to go fast in that? I'd still hook it up with the body glide though. Should help with the transition time.

bealtea 1/15/08, 8:35 PM  

you weren't kidding when you said you'd take your photo in the zoot off your website. glad i saw it while it was up :-)

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