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December 1, 2007


“Not Slytherin, eh?” said the small voice. “Are you sure? You could be great, you know … Well, if you’re sure – better be GRYFFINDOR!”
- The Sorting Hat (to Harry), from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, by J.K. Rowling

I’m in! Western States 2008, here I come.

Obviously, a lot of thoughts are swirling through my head today. First off, I’d like to thank the race committee for nearly giving me a heart attack by waiting until less than 30 slots remained to announce my name. I know I’ll place many demands upon my cardiovascular system in the next several months, so it seems fitting to start the process with a few solid hours of elevated heart rate and blood pressure. I’ll just consider that the first of many tests.

Regarding the rest of the training, I can’t wait to get started - but at the same time, I’m just now starting to appreciate the magnitude of the task. I’m equal parts excited and terrified. I’m exciterrified.

Sadly, neither of my Monterey County training partners who applied got into the race, so I won’t get the privilege of sharing the whole experience with them. I hope to set up some sort of pacer or crew system with them or some other folks I know, but none of these discussions have really happened yet – before today, I just felt like that would have jinxed the whole deal.

I also missed some blogger names I was looking for, like Rick and Olga and Mark, but I haven’t done a really thorough search of the list yet. I know Scott will be there – although I only plan on saying hi to him at the start, before letting him blaze off into the distance ahead of me. Who else am I missing? If you’re going to be there, let me know – I’m sure we’ll have plenty of chances to strategize and/or commiserate between now and next June.

Finally, I have one more concluding thought on the Potter/Sorting Hat analogy from the previous two posts – but I’m afraid that once I start in on it, this post will quickly grow much longer than I intended. So I’ll call it quits for now, and save those thoughts for a separate post next week.

That’s all for tonight. Accio States!


Spokane Al 12/1/07, 10:01 PM  

Congratulations! Don't forget the duct tape for the toes.

I will be looking forward to reading your stuff on your prep and race over the upcoming months.

21stCenturyMom 12/1/07, 10:22 PM  


As far as I know I will be at the aid station at mile 85. I haven't had the first meeting yet (it got postponed to Jan) but to date I am co-captain for one of the 3 teams handling that station. So - I'll be around, cheering you on!

rick 12/1/07, 10:41 PM  

Congratulations! I never get in through the lottery it seems. 4 trys and 4 misses, I'm in for next year though for sure. You'l like it. Lots of support and a lot of hoopla and a whole lot of fun. Do a lot of hill training, go on some night runs and prepare for the heat. It's also a great race for spectators, crew and pacers. Come in with a team and make a party out of it. Plus, it's nicer when someone else drives you home afterwards.

craig 12/1/07, 11:30 PM  

Congratulations Donald. I'm glad you got in. Looking forward to experiencing the preparation and the race through your posts.

IM Able 12/2/07, 5:27 AM  


I want to hop up and down and squeal, but that's too girly and I'm sure you probably already did.

So, how does it feel to finally be invited to the prom?

Backofpack 12/2/07, 6:33 AM  

Good luck Donald! It'll be a blast for you. Eric didn't get in, so he's already checking out other races. I thought we'd meet you at States, but maybe it'll be Big Sur instead.

Laurie 12/2/07, 8:06 AM  

Yay! I am so excited for you. I look forward to reading about your training and your running inspired rambles :)

Scott Dunlap 12/2/07, 11:55 AM  

CONGRATS! I look forward to seeing you there, if not sooner! I'm already freaking out about training. ;-)


robtherunner 12/2/07, 12:17 PM  

Glad to see your name chosen. I can forsee lots of training and planning in your future. I look forward to hear how you go about your training when you divulge some of that information. Let the training begin.

Coach Tammy 12/2/07, 7:34 PM  

I will....NOT be there. But CONGRATS on getting in! Can't wait to read about your training, and the main event report.

Addy 12/2/07, 11:02 PM  

yay, congratulations!!! I'll be seeing you there, quite possibly. No lottery for me, but my friend got in on the two time loser rule and promised me a pacing position. I'm freaking out about that a little :D. I'm thinking this pacing gig is a great deal though. You get to run the course (well, 38 miles of it), and you don't have to pay, qualify, get into the lottery or run the hot part. It's a golden deal!

So glad the fates were with you (or the sorting hat of the running variety). I'm really looking forward to following along with your training!

Congrats again :)

momo 12/3/07, 9:16 AM  

woot! i am so excited for you!!!

and of course, i'll be hanging on the edge of my chair for updates because i'm JEALOUS!! :-)

the Dread Pirate Rackham 12/3/07, 10:35 PM  

I'm giggling about IMAble's comment there - 'cos I'm squealing OMG OMG!!! myself.

I'm planning to live vicariously through your experience - which is good, since you are good at telling stories.


Makita 12/4/07, 6:39 AM  

I'm giggling, too! Way to go, Donald! I can't wait to read all about your training. :)

angie's pink fuzzy 12/5/07, 7:14 AM  



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