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December 19, 2007

Frosting and Rambling

A handful of random thoughts before getting to today’s equally random post …

*In my election recap, it was very poor form to not mention and thank the person who nominated me - at least, the only one I’m aware of. Obviously, none of this might have happened without her, so I owe her a big debt of gratitude. She didn’t want me to mention her by name, so I’ll just give you a hint: she’s part pirate.

*I’ve been putting off a tag from Momo about 5 random things for entirely too long – another casualty of the blog contest. I’ve been involved with politics for less than a month, and it’s already corrupting my character. I’ll hopefully get that post up sometime next week, but in the meantime, here’s one item I was going to include: the song currently playing on my mp3 sidebar is one of my favorite Christmas songs of all time – and I’m willing to bet that most of you haven’t heard it before.

*I mentioned that I currently owe a lot of favors, so today I’m going to start paying it forward:

Robyn, who lives in my one-time stomping ground of North Carolina, has a truly altruistic purpose for her participation in triathlon: using her efforts as a platform to help fight homelessness in her home state. She is currently nominated in something called the Engines of Change Power of Sport Contest by Toyota, which – in addition to having the longest contest name I’ve ever heard – recognizes athletes who make a positive contribution to their communities. Visit by her blog, and check out the contest to give her some votes.

Speaking of positive contributions, this year Bolder launched a fantastic website named Bloggers Against Cancer, to increase awareness and support for the many agencies and organizations out there fighting against various forms of the disease. Most tri-bloggers already know about this site - Bolder has tremendous reach - but the runner-types who visit here could use a reminder. The blog is still in startup mode, but please give him a click and see what you can do to help.

*Time magazine officially named their person of the year (Vladimir Putin) today, which means that the one-year reign of the previous winner – All of Us! – has come to an end. Was it good for you? I can’t even remember what life was like before I heard that news.

And finally …

*Jamie-Lynn Spears, Britney’s 16-year-old sister, is pregnant. It’s certainly not the most shocking teen pregnancy ever, or even the most scandalous celebrity headline of the year; I only mention it because the girls’ mother, Lynn, is the author of a book on parenting that was scheduled to be released next spring. That kind of irony was simply too juicy for me to ignore. It’s like Barry Bonds writing a book about Just Saying No to drugs.

OK, enough rambling - thanks for humoring me. On with the post …


I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately - too much writing, honestly. Between blog posts, newspaper articles, holiday letters, and e-mails, my fingers need a break from the keyboard. So today, I’m letting some pictures do the talking. More specifically, I’ve got pictures of our Christmas cookies to share.

This wasn’t an official tag that circulated the blogosphere, but I’ve seen so many posts on this theme that it might as well have been. Earlier this week, our family spent the evening decorating a batch of over 80 shortbread cookies baked by my wife. When you think about it, it’s no wonder Santa gains so much weight at this time of year.

Each of us had our own set of various shapes to decorate. Here’s my 4-year-old daughter’s batch:

She’s very focused on toppings and sprinkles.

My 6-year-old is the artistic child, and here’s her collection:

A close-up of her favorite angel – it’s got a kind of "Picasso meets Jackson Pollack" vibe to it.

My 9-year-old son is fairly eclectic - he’s not satisfied until he’s tried every color frosting and every type of topping available. The results are fairly impressive:

This collection belongs to my wife:

Needless to say, she’s very crafty. And she does very cute things with snowmen.

Finally, here’s my batch:

I like to give my cookies a little bit of personality.

The star on the left was supposed to be Spongebob’s friend Patrick, but somehow came out more like Peach, the sea star from Finding Nemo. The one on the right resembles the Carl’s Junior mascot, for no reason other than it was easy to make.

Here’s a snowman I thought was kind of cool:

He’s my holy snowman. I made him as penance for this other snowman of mine:

Yes ... it’s a snowman who got peed on by a dog. I thought it was clever. My wife had a somewhat different opinion.

At any rate, frosting 80 cookies can make anyone a little punchy, and this snowman signaled the end of the evening. We boxed them all up to distribute to classmates and friends, and selected our favorites to leave for Santa on Christmas Eve. (No, the peed-on snowman didn’t make the cut.) After leaving some gifts, he usually eats all but a few crumbs before heading on his way. I think he’ll be pleased with this year’s batch.

And, on a related note: Santa has some serious training to do after the holidays.


Robyn 12/19/07, 1:28 PM  

Thanks so much for the shout out! Happy holidays to you and your family!

21stCenturyMom 12/19/07, 3:57 PM  

I'm going to be really embarrassed when I post my cookies. Your little ones worked quite a bit harder than I did!

The Spears Mom was quoted as saying she couldn't understand how Jamie Lynn could get pregnant when she met her curfew everynight - the one that landed her home with her live-in boyfriend. I just had to scratch my head over that.

stronger 12/19/07, 5:53 PM  

I love the peed on snowman!! Awesome job family.

angie's pink fuzzy 12/19/07, 6:10 PM  

love the peed-on snowman :)

and i liked the comment an anchorperson made this morning about how jamie-lynn got pregnant from her long-time boyfriend. how can a 16-yr-old have a long-time boyfriend?!

craig 12/19/07, 7:18 PM  

It's great that you and the family took some time to do this project together. Hope you have a great Christmas and a great 2008.

Backofpack 12/19/07, 7:36 PM  

Hey those look just like the cookies we used to make! I was kind of happy when we stopped a couple of years ago - although they are delicious, they are labor-intensive and make a grand mess. Looks like you all had fun though. Merry Christmas!

rick 12/20/07, 12:50 AM  

Don't eat the yellow cookie!

Got your message, unfortunately I couldn't find an email link on your blog. Then I realized that mine was turned off too. So I just turned it back on. Send me an email with your questions about WS, glad to help.

Juls 12/20/07, 8:38 AM  

I'll take the yellow cookie. He's perfect.

momo 12/20/07, 8:43 AM  

i just cannot comment on the cookies. ANY cookies are better than the ones we made. :-)

my kids new about the spears deal. i'm sure those girls are making their momma proud. well, actually - they probably are. scratch that.

Deene 12/20/07, 9:38 AM  

wow, you really got creative with your snowmen! i'd break my diet to eat all of those by your wife(if i was dieting).

Cliff 12/20/07, 11:07 AM  


Thanks for your comment. I thought the snowman was sad b/c he peed himself :)

Either way..that's creative and pretty funny :0...have a great holiday. Thanks for spreaidng about the link of Bolder's new project.

I must have been out of blog-mosphere for a while...

Cliff 12/20/07, 11:09 AM  


Thanks for organizing this. I just saw this through Donald's site. A great call. I was thinking of starting a group call Cancer Sucks. The goal is to help spread the awareness of this horrible disease.

I like Stronger's first design.

Thomas 12/20/07, 11:47 AM  

I think your wife is wrong, that snowman is a classic!

Annette 12/20/07, 5:49 PM  

Strangely, I now have a bit of a craving for a cookie - with lots of frosting. :) What a fun family activity.

Enjoy the rest of your year - politics-free! :)

Darrell 12/21/07, 12:56 PM  

The poor doggie violated snowman is a classic. I may have to have a replica to hang on the tree.

Lisa - Slow & Steady 12/22/07, 2:56 PM  

the snowman cookies made me laugh out loud...

the Dread Pirate Rackham 12/22/07, 9:12 PM  

Dang, since I started up training again I'm totally carb depleted all the time. you know, if you really wanted to thank me you could just send me a cookie ;-) you have such a creative family...

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