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October 12, 2007


A public service announcement brought to you by Running and Rambling:

If you happen to find yourself in the Lake Chabot area or the Tilden Park district of Northern California on Saturday ...

And if you happen to see a guy who looks like this running your way ...

(me at the 2005 Firetrails 50)

Please try to say something nice to him. Because he might like to hear some encouragement in the middle of a pretty long day.

That is all. You may now return to your regular blogging activity.


matt 10/12/07, 10:05 AM  

Have a great race out there, Donald! I won't say good luck because I know how hard you prepare for these events and it isn't about luck for you...it's about your preparation and your ability. I look forward to reading about your race and following your progress toward a Western States entry.

stronger 10/12/07, 10:12 AM  

I doubt I'll see you- so when you get to the middle- pretend you see me coming towards you saying something nice.

Paul 10/12/07, 10:21 AM  

Good luck!!!! Take your camera on the run and bring back some good shots!

Anne 10/12/07, 10:21 AM  

Best of luck to you, Donald. I have a strong feeling you're going to have a great race report, starring a fantastic finish time.

Zach 10/12/07, 10:24 AM  

Chabot is such a nice place to run - hope you have a great time. We'll keep an eye out for you on the course - do you know what your number is yet?

jen 10/12/07, 11:20 AM  

Good luck Donald and have fun! Maybe we can come out and cheer, it's very near our house. Have a great race! :)

21stCenturyMom 10/12/07, 12:53 PM  

What? I would be there but I'm scheduled for a ride out here - just on the other side of the hills! So close, yet so far away.

Good luck on your run.

robtherunner 10/12/07, 5:05 PM  

I know you'll give it your best and I am sure that you are well prepared as always. I look forward to the report.

momo 10/12/07, 5:29 PM  

i'm closer than normal - i'll be in santa barbara... when i was getting ready for st. george, taryn said she'd be thinking about me at mile 17, so... i'll be thinking about you at mile 47 - getting you over that last hump toward 50!

Backofpack 10/12/07, 8:15 PM  

It's gonna be hard to see you from way up here, so I'll give you the encouragements now (take them in your pocket, read as needed)(there's a little tough love in the middle)

You're looking good Donald!

Keep moving forward, you can do it!

You're supposed to be tired. You are running a long way. Now, grab something to eat and drink, walk out on the trail while you're eating it. Get going!

No, you can't sit down, not even for a minute. You are racing - move!

You're looking good again! Alright Donald! You are awesome!

Way to keep it going!

You can do this, you know you can.

You trained for it, crank it out!

You did it! You rock! Way to go!
Whoo-hoo Donald!

Taryn 10/12/07, 8:59 PM  

Wow. You're amazing. Remember that.

angie's pink fuzzy 10/13/07, 3:20 PM  

Lookin' good, that's what I'm talking about!

have fun!

rick 10/14/07, 12:15 AM  

Hey man it was good to see you out there. Put your name in to the WS lotter, worry about it later:)

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