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September 27, 2007

It's the Thought That Counts

Look what my son bought me!!:

The Anthem Advance off-road racer made by Giant, retail price $6300. It’s a totally sweet, aggressive ride – and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

It’s fantastic news, except for one thing: I’m not really getting it.

My son just finished a “Million Dollar Project” for his 4th grade class, where the teacher asked each of them to describe how they would spend $1 million if they could do anything they wanted with it. They then had to document all of their purchases, and write a balance sheet subtracting the dollar amount of each item, until they were completely out of money. Sounds like a pretty cool project for a 9-year-old, doesn’t it?

So he bought me the mountain bike, which he picked out because he knows I need one - and because, in his words, “It was the most expensive one I could find.” Of course, I nearly ruined the moment by listing a handful of more expensive bikes (that I just happened to know offhand, by coincidence) before my wife smartly jumped in and told me to drop it.

He also bought me a $500 Quintana Roo wetsuit, and set himself up with a $600 Specialized Hotrock mountain bike. You know what? I’m starting to think that watching all of those Xterra triathlons is finally having some effect on the kid.

Here were some of his other big ticket items:
· $100,000 to our church, because that’s what the Bible says (Is this really my son?)
· An RV so that we could go camping without having to sleep in a tent (OK - he’s definitely my son.)
· $100,000 worth of Tiffany jewelry for my wife (Hmm ... now he’s just making me look bad.)
· A $200,000 passenger ticket on Virgin Galactic's first spaceline flight scheduled for next year. (How cool is that? No one will ever accuse this kid of thinking small.)

He also bought dolls and toys for his two younger sisters, and he quickly realized that a million dollars is a lot of money to spend. His list has a huge amount of Legos and Star Wars figures, which caused him to do way more balance sheet subtraction than he ever intended.

He eventually figured out that it’s difficult to spend down exactly to zero, so once he got tired of subtracting, he sunk the remaining $137,820.04 into Walt Disney Company stock. I thought perhaps a lesson in a diversified portfolio was in order, but maybe they’ll teach that when he gets to 5th grade. At any rate, here’s how he justified the stock purchase and concluded his essay:

“Hopefully soon, I’ll have another million dollars to spend.”

Very well said. Maybe he’s got a bit of writer in him as well. Unfortunately, if that’s the case … that first million is going to be awfully hard to come by.

But I sincerely hope he makes it big someday - because I could really use a new mountain bike.


stronger 9/27/07, 12:55 PM  

That deserves a place in the baby book or scrap book!

21stCenturyMom 9/27/07, 1:26 PM  

That is awesome! What a generous guy he is and smart, too!

I wish they would teach subtraction using flash cards and they would use projects like this to teach how to use a spreadsheet. I mean come on - it's the 21st Century!

Deene 9/27/07, 2:24 PM  

a typical brother - only toys for the sisters!
good job at the jewelry for mom.

jen 9/27/07, 4:03 PM  

That's cute. I do that "assignment" all the time! hehe

Backofpack 9/27/07, 9:29 PM  

Wow, with as many legos as he could buy he'd probably need to buy a storage shed to keep them in. He certainly has you figured out doesn't he? Too sweet!

Thomas 9/28/07, 3:53 AM  

You've got a very generous boy there. Too bad he'd need his first million in actual moneys to implement his schemes.

Makita 9/28/07, 7:43 AM  

That does sound like a great project! I'll have to keep it in mind when my kiddos get older. :)

And what a sweetie! He thought to buy something for everyone close to him.

Annette 9/28/07, 4:32 PM  

I love it! How cool that he included the whole family and his church in his list of purchases. What a kid, huh? :) I guess for now, you'll just have to dream about the day he buys you that bike.

Annette 9/28/07, 4:32 PM  

I love it! How cool that he included the whole family and his church in his list of purchases. What a kid, huh? :) I guess for now, you'll just have to dream about the day he buys you that bike.

Dying Water Buffalo 9/29/07, 7:21 PM  

I cracked up about 12 times reading this.

1. $100,000 worth of Tiffany's for Mom?! Woah!

2. So cute that he bought you a bike

3. Diversified portfolio = gold

4. The writer's comment really slayed me.

Wow I am completely raving about this post... post something inane and trite tomorrow because you need to compensate for this one being so funny :)

Journey to a Centum 9/29/07, 9:14 PM  

Sadly my bad ass Klein Mt. Bike hangs lonely in my garage. A running widow so to speak.

Looks like you need to get your son to work on making his first Million while he still has the spirit of giving in his heart!


Addy 10/1/07, 7:59 PM  

That's a great idea! As a soon to be (hopefully) teacher, I'll keep that in mind :)

Dori 10/3/07, 9:03 PM  

That is too cute! I love that he bought the Disney stock. You've raised a generous boy--maybe you should buy him a lottery ticket. :-)

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