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July 11, 2007

Eminent Domain

“I’m back, baby!!”
- George Costanza, from the TV series Seinfeld

See, I told you I’d be back.

In some ways, a two-week blogging hiatus can be a very good thing. I had free time to take a short vacation with my family (a separate post on that coming soon), and enjoyed some quiet time catching up on other projects without feeling compelled to check my site meter every 108 minutes like that guy typing numbers on the computer inside the hatch on Lost.

(Yes, I’m still making my way through those Lost episodes. More on that later, too. I’m just full of future post promises today.)

Actually, my self-imposed down time lasted a bit longer than I anticipated. If you tried visiting my blog on Saturday through Monday, you were most likely blocked by a “File Not Found” error message. I apologize if this happened to you. Allow me to explain …

(Or - if you’d rather skip the technical details - this would be a good jumping off point. Except that you'll miss a funny video link towards the end. Otherwise, just know that I’ve returned, and thanks for stopping by. Normal programming will resume tomorrow.)

I decided that my period of Internet silence would be a good time to take Blogger up on its offer of switching the address of this blog to my own domain name. I’ve held the domain name runningandrambling.com for a couple of years now, and hosted a website there through GoDaddy.com that was the precursor of this blog.

Unfortunately, since I had an established site at that address, switching domain names was much more complicated than I bargained for. I adjusted my Blogger settings to point to my own domain name, which continued to show my old website. Then I changed my GoDaddy settings to forward that address back to the blogspot site. Basically, it was the cyber equivalent of chasing my tail. So I tinkered with my GoDaddy settings some more, until I managed to hopelessly sabotage the whole thing – that would be my Saturday night.

I spent much of the next couple of days surfing various help pages, and placing desperate phone calls to GoDaddy.com. Let’s just say it wasn’t my proudest moment as a blogger. But I learned a couple of important things in the process:

1) The Blogger setup pages and help pages are remarkably accurate. If I hadn’t already had another website hosted on my domain name, the conversion process would have been a breeze. In fact, I’ll probably grab up another domain name for another blog within the next week (more on that later). I know everybody complains about how Blogger sucks sometimes, but in this case, the one who complicated everything was me.

2) The support services at GoDaddy.com are incredibly helpful. Once I explained my problems, they helped me try a few different strategies to remedy them, until we finally found something that worked. And somehow they managed to do it without making me feel like a complete idiot (even more remarkable, considering that “idiot” is more or less my baseline). As if that wasn’t enough, they volunteered to give me a refund for the remaining time on my web hosting contract with them, since I won’t need their services for this particular blog anymore.

The only way the GoDaddy experience could have been any better is if they had let me talk to their spokesmodel girl after I finished. But for some reason, they became suspiciously vague when I kept asking if she was available to chat. I guess the marketing department was having another party or something.

So if you want to establish your own domain name and you’re looking for a recommendation, GoDaddy is a pretty good way to go – with or without the hot chick.

As you’ve probably deduced (since you’re able to read this blog right now), the story has a happy ending. The domain name you see above is the new, hopefully permanent address of my little corner of cyberspace. I’m fairly certain that any links or bookmarks to the old site will end up here – but please let me know if you find any glitches. In the meantime, welcome to my home. Come on in, help yourself to a drink, and feel free to kick off your shoes and crash on the couch for a while.

Because I’ve got a lot of stories to tell you in the days and weeks to come – and I’ll begin with a short one tomorrow.


olga 7/11/07, 10:30 AM  

I was going to email you on the page-switch! Thought you left us:)

Laurie 7/11/07, 12:37 PM  

Welcome back!

I thought you had disappeared into the ether! I am happy to hear that you have not.

rick 7/11/07, 7:49 PM  

No glitches so far but I would like a second helping of "hot chick" photos please.

stronger 7/11/07, 10:09 PM  

Yeah! It's always nice to have you back!

Bruce 7/12/07, 1:55 AM  

Glad you had a good break & looking forward to all your news.

Thomas 7/12/07, 2:08 AM  

Welcome back.


Did I read that right? First GoDaddy helped you move your blog to the new site, and then they gave you money off for exactly that? They haven't got any business sense!!!

robtherunner 7/12/07, 5:50 AM  

Welcome back! Thanks for the picture of the hot chick. You always come through.

Makita 7/12/07, 8:44 AM  

Welcome back! I thought something might be awry...
I'd love my own domain name... I'll have to look into GoDaddy. Thanks for the suggestion! :)

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