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June 1, 2007

Bee Bullets

Today's post is a brief one, as I'm fairly sleep deprived after staying up late into the night watching 6 hours of Spelling Bee coverage. I've got some random bullets for now, then I'll spend some time this weekend preparing a full report to post here by Monday.

For reasons I'd rather not discuss, I had to go to work yesterday. Apparently, when you hold an administrative position at my company, "watching the preliminary rounds of the National Spelling Bee" doesn't qualify as a medical condition, family emergency, or holiday (although I could make a pretty strong case for that last one) that justifies taking the day off work. It's inexplicable to me, honestly.

So after I got home, we gathered the family in front of the TV to watch the Bee while eating dinner. Typically, we only have dinner in front of the TV when there's a UCLA game on, or during the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions - so the NSB enters pretty select company with this distinction.

But I don't want to get ahead of myself, so that's all I'll say about the Bee today. Except to mention that with each passing year, I'm growing a little more terrified of Canadians.

And just for kicks, a few other random pop culture thoughts that occurred to me during my last few runs ...

Reluctantly, I have to agree with Angie and a few others in being very disappointed with the new Linkin Park CD. Three strong songs, two so-so ones, and not much else to speak of.

So much for them being the rock band of the decade. I guess we can open up the nominations for this title now - I could probably make good arguments for Green Day or the Foo Fighters, or even Fall Out Boy, but that would be an entirely different post, and honestly, I'm too tired to think about it right now.


I finally pre-ordered Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, scheduled for delivery to my house on July 21st. Which wouldn't be unusual, except that my son already pre-ordered a copy for himself that he's going to pick up at midnight at one of the release parties a local bookstore is holding that same night. I don't know when a family officially reaches "houseful of dorks" status, but I'd think that watching the National Spelling Bee together, and ordering multiple copies of the same Harry Potter book has to inch us dangerously close to that boundary.

Yes, I'm a Harry Potter freak, along with my wife and son. And yes, you're going to hear more about this in the next couple of months. I've already said how I go crazy for spelling bees, but in that context, I meant just everyday, run of the mill crazy. When it comes to this series of books and movies, I go completely off the wall, Britney Spears crazy. Just wait ... you'll see.

And finally ...


I got sick of hearing friends (and reading websites) rave about "Lost", the ratings gorilla on ABC, and finally decided to see what all the fuss was about. So I watched the "Questions Answered" recap show and the season finale on the ABC website, and all I can say is ... wow.

I found it completely mesmerizing. So now, as if I'm not busy enough trying to train for an Ironman, I've got to somehow find time to watch 3 seasons worth of Lost DVDs before the next TV season starts. In the meantime, if you have any thoughts as to who is in the coffin, or whether the people on the boat are good or evil, or ideas on the time machine or purgatory theories, my e-mail box is always open.

As is my brain, much too often than it should be. But for today, it's time to hit the off switch. Look for the NSB report soon.


angie's pink fuzzy 6/1/07, 12:53 PM  

Donald, I have to admit, with how much you've gushed over the NSB, I actually wanted watched it this year. It was the single most tense "sporting event" I've watched. OMG. And how did a Canadian enter the US National Spelling Bee??? I thought of you while watching, wondering what you would have to say...can't wait for the full report.

Oh, jeez, no, not FOB. Green Day, yes. Foo Fighters, possibly. And which decade - 00s or 90s? I could so get into this discussion...

Harry Potter - I need to pre-order my book. I canNOT wait. I am so anxious!!!

I stopped watching LOST after the second season, when the network kept running too many reruns in a row, or changing the timeslots. It got so bad; I couldn't wait two weeks between episodes! I decided it was probably better that I didn't watch.

Stacey T. 6/1/07, 1:34 PM  

Was it just me or did the boy that won show no emotion, and rather strange reactions to questions? I'm thinking a minor form of autism that perhaps borderlines on Rainmanishness.

Distance Running Dave 6/1/07, 8:25 PM  

Still no report? The tension builds!!!!!

Am I the only person who relies completely on this blog for my Spelling Bee fix? I don't watch, two baad e speeler four tat.

I guess your report will just have to join the Harry Potter maddness month and Christmas as things I have to keep waiting for.

SkiRough 6/1/07, 9:09 PM  

Very cute that you like the spelling bee. Do you have a family member in it, or are you just an affianado?

I'm more of a cross word puzzler myself, although there is a very big crossover appeal.

You know there's a spelling bee musical here in NYC? Off broadway. If you're ever in NYC (the marathon, perhaps?) we can go see it! :)

SkiRough 6/1/07, 9:10 PM  

PS- now that I know you are a spelling freak I am going to be extra concientious (ha- that's probably wrong! the irony is killing me) of poor spelling in commenting here!

Robb 6/2/07, 3:28 AM  

The Canadians are coming...our dollar is now worth .94 cents U.S.

Were good at gramer adn speling.

Wendy 6/2/07, 5:20 AM  

What Robb said! (Even when some words are u-less.)

Darrell 6/2/07, 11:43 AM  

I enjoy these random posts. The mind of the Donald is a very complex and convoluted place.

Annette 6/2/07, 1:37 PM  

Welcome, Newbie Lost fan! :) Love that show! :) I think that Locke is in the coffin. That's my theory, but I also have other side theories - just in case I'm wrong. :)

As for the family gathering around the spelling bee. . . . well, I have to say that despite bordering on nerdiness, I'm glad your kids are at least getting a positive influence! :) As a teacher, I have to tell you, kids' spelling is getting worse all the time. (Dang text-messaging!)

Happy reading! I've seen all the movies, and read many book reports, but I've never settled down and actually cracked one of the books.

Anne 6/2/07, 3:13 PM  

We enjoyed the Bee coverage here too, and I admit I thought of you while we were biting our nails. And I've been a Lost fan since it first came on and am truly amazed that an intelligent show has managed to survive, let alone gain a bigger following, in all that time. Can't wait for next season.

rick 6/2/07, 8:12 PM  

Lost is something I can get into, which is why it scares me. It's like that whole Harry Potter thing last year. I don't have cable but the first movie was on one of the public channels. Watched it, saw the rest of the sequels that same week. I can go crazy over something like Lost, must avoid for now, too much to do.

I once went to a Xena Warrior Princess convention a block away from my apartment. It wasn't a mistake, I walked away with 5 glossy 8x10 photographs. Now that's dorky!

Bruce 6/3/07, 4:39 AM  

Six hours of Spelling Bee viewing almost sounds like torture to me, but if that's what does it for you I'm glad you enjoyed it. The NSB even made the news down here due to a kiwi girl apparently doing quite well, though I think her accent had the judges a bit confused at one point?

I am a huge Lost fan though. What's this about a coffin? We've got about three weeks left in series 3.

Dante 6/3/07, 5:16 PM  

I'm happy to report that the spelling bee received a 30 seconds slot on our prime time news over here in Melbourne.

Nice bling for the win.

Mike 6/3/07, 10:51 PM  

Donald- you too with LOST? I've been hearing everyone rave about that show forever but 3 seasons of catching up!?! Maybe I'll grab the first coupla episodes at blockbuster....

Laurie 6/4/07, 7:50 PM  

The spelling bee/Harry Potter dorkdom made me snort! I'd say you're already there. ;)

craig 6/5/07, 10:20 PM  

My brother rented season one and two and watched them all in one weekend. He said in doing that you catch a lot of the subtle things that might be missed waiting a week between episodes. He enjoyed it so much he hasn't even tried to watch this seasons episodes. He's just going to wait until the DVD comes out.

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