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May 1, 2007


I meant to have a Big Sur report posted today; but what started out as a "rest day" at home gave way to a couple of errands, a 30-minute dip in the ocean, and several hours of work on our outdoor remodeling project. Then I finally sat down to start my race report ... and about two paragraphs into it, I fell asleep in the chair.

Apparently the race made me somewhat exhausted. Marathons tend to do that.

Anyway, I need at least a 24-hour continuance before filing my Big Sur report. However, I do have something else to share from the race. It's a picture that was taken a few minutes before the start:

I've mentioned my friend and writing partner Mike several times, and - just so you don't think he's my Mr Snuffleupagus - I'm posting a picture of him here to prove that he really exists. He's the guy on the left. He ran 3:13 on Sunday at age 60.

The guy in the middle is Andrew, the one I drafted for a couple of miles before he dropped me on his way to a 2:55 marathon. Keep in mind, he was taking it easy on Sunday - he's run the Big Sur course more than 10 minutes faster than that. He's just an animal, and one of the best training partners I could ask for.

Andrew's also modeling the latest uniform of our running club, which has been the object of some local debate due to it's, um, "distinctive" color. I think it looks terrible. Mike and Andrew like it. I think they might be color blind.

As for the guy on the right ... you already know him. He's the guy who snuck in under the wire at three hours, and owes you a race report soon. Right after he catches up on some sleep.


Anonymous,  5/1/07, 8:50 AM  

Hey Donald. I popped in to see if you had a race report - I was curious about your split @ bixby and how you did in the highlands (not my problem this year – I didn’t really come off pace until that damn hill @ ribera road). Guess I'll have to check back. The picture was a nice consolation prize. Handsome group (count me on the side in favor of the orange – guess you are not to happy with the race shirt this year).

Nice run,


angie's pink fuzzy 5/1/07, 12:39 PM  

hmm, I like the orange. but then again, orange is my favorite color.

Cliff Tam 5/1/07, 2:46 PM  

U and your friends are speed demons. I am like half your age and I am not sure if i can run that fast..well i guess I can't use the 'I'm too old' excuse for not running faster.

DREW 5/1/07, 3:33 PM  

I'm glad you were able to run your defining race so well. I WILL make it there some day.

Sarah 5/1/07, 5:54 PM  

I finally have a chance to say: Congrats on a great run! And I hope you're taking a nap right now. : )

Dori 5/1/07, 6:00 PM  

Black is so much more slimming. Rest up for Saturday.

craig 5/1/07, 8:22 PM  

So what do you have against orange?

Anne 5/4/07, 7:08 PM  

This had to be pre-race because you all three look so fresh. Although, with that wide of a grin, Donald, it could be afterward too. Love the above race report, too. Good luck at Wildflower.

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