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March 13, 2007

Tunnel Vision

Note: this is the same thing I posted yesterday. The only update is a link to the Cervelo site for non-tri readers out there.

Before we get to today’s post, I’ve got a brief administrative update …

I’m going to shift gears somewhat with the formats of my posts for the next few weeks. Life’s moving pretty fast right now: I’m making several out-of-town business trips this month, spending a lot of weekend time on a remodeling project, and trying to help manage the kids at home without falling asleep on the living room floor. Plus – and I may have mentioned this already – I’ve got a couple of races on the horizon that I’m training like crazy for.

In light of all that, the only options I see for updating this blog are by writing posts that are 1) shorter, 2) less frequent, or 3) both. I’ll get around to longer posts when I can, but for now I’m taking a “less is more” approach. With that in mind …


Occasionally I suspect that all of this training makes me a little bit irrational. Then I’ll have a brief interaction with someone who quickly confirms it.

Case in point: I recently subscribed to Triathlete Magazine. (Also, I’ve let my Runners’ World subscription expire. I could make a whole post out of this, but I’ll spare you my RW rant for now. As for the symbolism of switching my loyalties - this isn’t quite up there with Anakin Skywalker strapping on the breathing mask after falling in the lava pit, but it seems fairly significant nonetheless.) And here is the first issue that arrived at my house this week:

Pretty easy on the eyes, don’t you think? I thought so, too. But here’s the irrational part …

I looked at the cover, quickly said “Whoa!” under my breath, and set it down on the counter. A few minutes later, my wife walked by, picked up the magazine, and we had the following exchange:

Her: You’ve got to be kidding.

Me: What?

Her: Nice cover.

Me: I know … isn’t that a totally hot bike?

The sad part is, I wasn’t joking. The first thing my eyes were drawn to was the bike. That’s what the endless miles and laps have done to me: I’ve become more focused on training and tri-gear than I am on a beautiful woman (who also happens to be a world-class triathlete, by the way) wearing nothing but a bikini and, um … actually, now that I study it, those glasses and shoes are pretty hot, too.

I keep telling myself that this tunnel vision is a temporary development, that will subside once my races pass and my training tapers back down again. Because otherwise … on second thought, I’d better not speculate any further. There are just some roads that I’d rather not travel.

Finally, on a related note, I’ve been shopping for Cervelos lately. That’s another topic that deserves it’s own post – and I’ll be sure to tell that story as events warrant.


Backofpack 3/13/07, 6:03 PM  

Okay, I'm taking a guess here...but I'm assuming that Cervelos is not anything remotely related to Cuervo? It has a lot of the same letters in it you know.

Second, I'm letting my RW subscription expire too. They've lost me...

robtherunner 3/14/07, 10:00 AM  

I don't really get the whole hot woman on the cover of a fitness magazine thing, but I understand that the financial formula for success is why it is so prevalent. Okay, so maybe I do get it.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind seeing attractive women on the covers of magazines and maybe they would not sell as many copies if they just had the bike. And let's face it, not everyone is as twisted as you are to notice the bike first.

Jon (was) in Michigan 3/14/07, 6:45 PM  

I have read this post several times now and I have no idea what you are talking about.

Where's the stupid bike?

Fran 3/14/07, 8:51 PM  

That picture looks so wrong. Do women wear skimpy bikinis when they go riding a bike or run? She definitely wouldn't go swimming in that thing.

and yes I'm wiping the drool off my keyboard.

Annette 3/14/07, 9:08 PM  

Do you really expect us, and your wife, to believe that you didn't really notice the girl in the bikini? Yea, I'm not buying that. I think Jon's comment was more believable. ;)

Happy shopping. . . sounds like you're really making the switch. Spendy bike, new magazine subscription, what's next?

Anne 3/15/07, 2:42 PM  

You traded Runner's World for this?

Matt 3/17/07, 3:57 PM  

The problem with the cover is that it keeps me from leaving the mag on my coffee table. I almost feel like I have to hide it when we have company over.

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