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March 31, 2007


So, um ... notice any changes around here? I'm still tinkering with things until I settle on something I really like, so you might see a few more changes in the days to come.

I'm not going to go crazy with this template stuff, though ... because what you see here took me about 10 hours. I wish I were exaggerating.


JohnF 3/31/07, 1:57 PM  

Looks great. I know what you mean. It is easy to spend a lot of time and not feel like it has added so much, but in the end it is the little things that maybe are not as noticable that make all the difference.

Dori 3/31/07, 6:44 PM  

Great header! It's not very nice though, to brag about living in such a beautiful spot. :-)

Just kidding. I love that Hwy 1 drive. I'm moving to SLO county and my husband and I travel Hwy 1 whenever we fly into SFO (and always stop for the night in Carmel, then lunch at Post Ranch.)

Which bridge is that?

Sarah 3/31/07, 8:12 PM  

Looks nice! And you'll never stop tinkering...believe me. ; ) : )

Spokane Al 3/31/07, 9:23 PM  

Great looking header!

Matt 4/1/07, 7:46 AM  

Excellent. Jealous of the header.

Kim 4/1/07, 1:56 PM  

Love the new header!

Backofpack 4/1/07, 8:00 PM  

Looks good Donald.

craig 4/1/07, 10:39 PM  

Great new look Donald. I appreciate your honesty about how long it took you. Now I will think twice about making changes. The way I see it you saved me about 10 hours.

Katie 4/2/07, 2:22 PM  

Sweet! Looks great...makes me miss Cali a bit;(

olga 4/2/07, 2:26 PM  

I almost closed the site...but it looked mighty nice and I stayed:)

Fe-lady 4/2/07, 5:59 PM  

It looks great, but I don't have the patience to have a pretty blog....that's why I do tris...short attention span!

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