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August 25, 2006

A Post About Nothing

Before I sat down to write this post, I had almost nothing to say.

48 hours between posts is usually enough time for one of the nebulous concepts bouncing around in my head to distinguish itself more prominently. Even when I don’t know for sure what I’m going to say, I at least have a pretty good idea what the topic of the next post will be.

The time I spend running is typically when I’ll play around with sentence structure and phrasing, so that when I finally sit down to write, my fingers can barely keep up with my thought process. It’s been a fairly reliable system, until this week.

On Wednesday night, I had no clue what to write about, but I figured something would come to me on Thursday. Unfortunately, neither the hour I spent on the track in the morning nor the time in the pool at lunch brought me any closer to a tangible idea.

I resigned myself to skipping today’s post altogether. So instead of opening my laptop last night, I flipped open my son’s Game Boy Advance – one of his birthday presents from last month.

Two hours later, I was still playing.

Then while running along darkened trails this morning, the idea came to me as clear as the rising daylight. By the time the sun was up, I knew what the next topic would be.

However, I have to get to work now, and I don’t have time to write the post. So you’ll have to wait until Monday. (In journalism, this is called a teaser).

Yes, it has something to do with the Game Boy. But for now, that’s all I’m gonna say.

On an unrelated note, I’m headed to the ocean after work today for another open-water swim.

Remember how some people told me that my yellow swim cap might attract sharks? And how I said that next time I would wear the old pink cap I had leftover from a previous triathlon? Well, I pulled out the pink cap last night … and it has a hole in it.

Which means I’ll be braving the waters in my sharkbait cap again tonight. So if you hear of any shark attacks on the news tomorrow, you can say you knew me before I got famous.

Also, on the plus side – I mean, if I DO get attacked – is that at least it would give me something interesting to write about.


backofpack 8/25/06, 4:41 PM  

If you don't lose any body parts essential to writing, that is...

Sue 8/25/06, 11:39 PM  

Good luck with your swim - I hope you live to tell the tale....

Downhillnut 8/27/06, 2:37 PM  

Man, the extremes to which some writers will go for a story idea...

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