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July 5, 2006

Lazy Day

Just south of the Salinas city limits you’ll find the tiny town of Spreckels, CA. In the late 1800s, Spreckels was created as a company town for the sugar company of the same name, which was one of the biggest sugar producers on the West Coast.

Although the company was sold in the 1980s, the sugar refinery still stands at the base of the Santa Lucia range, and 500 or so residents occupy the former company housing units. Spreckels remains a snapshot of small town America, and a throwback to a simpler time.

Nowadays, Spreckels is known primarily for its Fourth of July celebrations. Every year the town hosts a 10K race and a 1 mile kids’ run as a fundraiser for the local fire department. After the race, there is a barbecue in the park, and a parade down the town’s main thoroughfare. It’s about as small-town America as you’ll find anymore, with something to offer people of all ages.

We considered taking the kids to Spreckels this year, but after thinking it over, our family pretty much blew it off. As much as we like going to events like this, something else our family cherishes is lazy time together, which has been a somewhat precious commodity lately.

Almost every day since school has been out, my wife has had to rush the kids out the door to some activity or another. Whether it’s swim team, swim lessons, church camp, Sunday school, or just running errands, the lazy summer days have been a lot more busy this year. And we’re definitely not parents who overschedule our kids – in fact, we’re very much the opposite, preferring to have free time to go hiking, go for bike rides, or play at the river.

So when we talked about 4th of July plans, and our son said that what he wanted most was to sleep in late and read comic books...well, that sounded pretty darn good to the rest of us, too.

My wife and I both ended up scrapping our workout plans for the morning, and just rested in bed as long as possible. Our 5-year-old daughter entertained herself in her room after she woke up. Our 2-year-old even played along, sleeping until 7:30 instead of her normal 6:45. (Unless you’ve had young kids, you can’t appreciate how rare it is that we all get to sleep in until 7:30. It’s like an eclipse: multiple factors have to be perfectly aligned at precisely the right time, and afterwards, you know it probably won’t happen again for quite a while.)

My son read comic books and built Legos, my wife did some yardwork while the girls played outside, and I watched Italy’s World Cup match on the sofa. In the afternoon, we went swimming, then barbecued some burgers and made s’mores.

Instead of seeing small-town America, we just circled the family's wagons and enjoyed each other's company. Maybe it’s not overtly patriotic or glamorous, but it made for a very satisfying Independence Day.

And honestly, missing the race never really crossed my mind.


backofpack 7/5/06, 10:28 AM  

I think your lazy day is a version of small town America, and, one of the best ways to spend a day!

susie 7/5/06, 11:05 AM  

Sounds like the best way to spend the day. I only wish I could sleep in, even without children. My body clock goes off by 6:30 at the latest-no matter what day it is.

matt 7/5/06, 11:29 AM  

sounds like the ideal way to celebrate the holiday, donald. i like the idea of letting our kids frame the schedule of events like this. you and your wife must have loved that extra sleep. 7:30 sounds heavenly to me :)

angie's pink fuzzy 7/5/06, 12:17 PM  

mmm sounds good

what about the time the Hell's Angels came in and took over the town of spreckles for a weekend? my dad relished telling the story :)

we kept ash up quite late last night (to catch the fireworks) and as a result, he slept in for the first time EVER. are you ready? EIGHT A.M. He didn't wake up till 8!!!!! I was late for work, as he is my alarm clock (oops).

Robb 7/5/06, 3:31 PM  

That's a great way to spend the day. I know all about young children. Man, I can relate Donald. Great thoughts!

robtherunner 7/5/06, 5:45 PM  

Days like those are ones that are remembered for a long time in today's busy world. Sometimes it is good to just be lazy and hang out with the family.

Mike 7/5/06, 10:10 PM  

Embrace the lazy days! Sounds like you had an awesome 4th.

And thanks for the history lesson on Spreckels....I know i mentioned it before but nice to gain some knowledge on an area that i have a slight familiarity with....

Darrell 7/5/06, 10:15 PM  

I remember those days. Now I don't see my sons until noon. Enjoy the time together.

Thomas 7/6/06, 4:58 AM  

Oh man, I need to know your secret. How on earth did you manage to get a 2-year old to sleep until 7:30? Even if it was only a once-off, I still want to know.

Deene 7/6/06, 10:30 AM  

a great day for family time.

stronger 7/6/06, 12:23 PM  

Your lazy day with your family is what freedom is all about!

jeanne 7/8/06, 8:45 PM  

smart, smart man. and what a lovely family!

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