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June 9, 2006

Dipsea Runners Anonymous

“The more you suffer, the more it shows you really care….right?”
- The Offspring, "Self-Esteem"

For those who haven’t been following my Dipsea posts lately, allow me to briefly summarize the main themes I've touched upon:

• The Dipsea Race is completely hardcore. It’s the most intense, most dangerous, and most painful race I do each year.
• Because of it’s proximity to the Big Sur Marathon, I never train for the Dipsea as adequately or appropriately as I should.
• I get kicked around by so many people up there that I come home with my tail between my legs every year, yet...
• I absolutely love it.

Makes perfect sense, right? Do I sound like an addict? Do they make 12-step programs for people who are in abusive relationships with races? My name is Donald, and I’m a Dipsea runner.

Actually, I like the sound of that. It's the kind of addicition from which I don't want a cure.

And on Sunday morning, I'll gladly give myself another dose.


backofpack 6/9/06, 12:26 PM  

First on the Rob blog. Rob has shared his info with me so I can post pictures for him. Normally, I don't go into his blog unless he asks me to, but I thought he might be too modest to acknowledge what a big day this is for him, so I just took the liberty of posting today...

I hope you have a hard, exhilarating race on Sunday, I hope you are the knocker, not the knockee, and I hope the old ladies treat you well!

Steve,  6/9/06, 1:30 PM  

I have read about the Dipsea and day dreamed about doing the duo or quad. I used to work for a company HQ in Mill Valley and have hiked part of the trail with a friend who lives along the trail a mile of so up from the start.

My excuses have been its a long trip, I live in the Seattle area, and i'm never in good enough shape for the hills.

I'm inspired by your attitude to just do it anyway and get the most out of it.

I am running Lake Youngs tomrrow with Rob (Running Further).

Good luck tomorrow and some year I hope to try it myself.

stronger 6/9/06, 1:32 PM  

Have fun at Dipsea! If you're gonna be abused, it may as well be by self inflicted at a race. Yeah, I can get away with saying that. Ha!

matt 6/9/06, 4:42 PM  

from what i have gleaned from your posts since meeting you, donald, this race is your perfect match. you seem like a man who wants a great challenge. i can't wait to read about your tackling of this course...just don't knock any grannies down on your way to the finish :)

i might just have to try the quad dipsea, if they don't have a difficult qualifying process. if so, then i will give it a year or two.

thanks for your input on the PCTR runs...do they host any 50 milers? Have you run the 50K that is run next month at Harvey West Park in Santa Cruz? That one is currently floating around in the back of my mind.

good luck, donald!

DREW 6/9/06, 5:23 PM  

I've been meaning to write something about the Dipsea, but haven't been able to put the right words down. Fact is I don't understand what this race means to you. I haven't been through the grinder you have described so eloquently and I haven't experienced the anticipation and humiliation of this rigorous journey, I'm left feeling inadequate to wish you luck or Godspeed because I understand that this race means more than you can adequately describe. I understand what it's like, but I don't understand what it's like for you.

Thank you for straining to communicate your thoughts and emotions about the Dipsea and about Big Sur. It means a great deal to those of us that are attempting to follow the path you've been travelling.

Have an excellent race. Push forward when you want to step back. Run harder than you think you can and faster than you think you're able. Blast through the weeds and the boughs and the sticks and the runnners when you have to. Twist your ankle and move on. Scrape your legs and your arms and your face and jump forward faster and stronger. Lean forward on the uphill and swing your arms and breath deeply of everything that brought you here. Lengthen your stride and fly on the downhills.


Run faster when it hurts and forget about what you can't do. This is your race.

Do not have fun.

I do not wish you luck.

Fun and luck have nothing to do with it in the end. You'll be pushing yourself through miles of discomfort and pain. Let the fun come afterward because come race time you'll be ready for nothing less than a battle.

A battle you won't win.

A battle you can't win.

You won't come in first, or second or 100th. You go to battle assured of loss, but you will lose less this time. And you will lose less next time. And if you lose enough, you may come to appreciate how little you've lost, and how much you've gained without ever winning.

Champions always show up for the fight.

Most champions never win.

Godspeed Donald!

Donald 6/9/06, 5:41 PM  

OK, I don't normally do this, but I just had to jump in and say that the comment above is just about the coolest comment I've ever received on this blog!

Thanks, Drew. You obviously understand more than you claim.

backofpack 6/9/06, 6:04 PM  

That might be the coolest comment I've ever read! I read it to my cross-country running son and he loved it. Incredible.

craig 6/9/06, 9:51 PM  

Hope you have a great race. Look forward to reading about it.

bobby 6/9/06, 9:56 PM  

Go get em Donald! Can you employ the Tanya Harding school of sport to your competition as you stand at the starting line?

Run softly and carry a big stick!

Anne 6/10/06, 6:23 AM  

Stringing an Offspring song about a 'whipped guy to a arduous race takes talent. And that you have. Good luck, and be sure not to spare us any details. I admit until reading your prelude, I had no idea the race carried that kind of reputation. We're all rootin' for ya!

Robb 6/10/06, 8:53 AM  

For sure, Drew has plenty to say and then some. It's potent!

Donld, this is your race Donald. None of use question your love/hate/love of Dipsea! Enjoy it as much as you can man.

olga 6/10/06, 11:20 AM  

Wow, I am with all hwo like Drew's comment! Nothing more to add:)

Susan 6/10/06, 6:35 PM  

Yep, I think so . . . you're the addict we love to love. : )

Mike 6/10/06, 11:35 PM  

Go get'em Donald- have a great race! Looking forward to your race report!

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