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April 2, 2006


In response to Matt's comment on my last post…I’m not quite in heaven yet. I would describe it more like I’m in heaven’s waiting room, sitting on the couch and waiting for the receptionist to tell me “You can go in now,” like people waiting for Donald Trump to call them into the boardroom on The Apprentice.

It’s an interesting parallel…remember season 2 of The Apprentice, when they were down to the final two contestants? Kelly Perdew (coincidently, another UCLA grad) was clearly the most qualified candidate, but he was competing against Jennifer, a really hot-looking blond who flew under the radar for several weeks before making some very strategic moves in the later rounds to end up in the finals. Nobody was really positive that Jennifer could win, but she looked so good and came on so strong that she made everybody nervous.

So let’s just say that the University of Florida is like Jennifer – a good-looking team that has played extremely well down the stretch, and makes the UCLA guys very nervous. It should be a great game on Monday.

But I won’t call it heaven unless we win the whole thing. Remember, they only hang one kind of banner in Pauley Pavilion.

On the running front, this weekend just kills me every year. Losing an hour of sleep on Saturday night is like a knife to the heart of my Sunday long run plans. I get precious little sleep on a normal night (typically less than six hours), so when I arbitrarily lose another full hour, I feel like a smoker who found out his last pack of cigarettes got soaked in the laundry - and I’m probably just as irritable.

I don’t know why I’m such a sissy about one measly hour of sleep, but it happens every time we spring forward. Next year I may as well just pencil it in on the calendar that I’ll only do about half of whatever workout I had planned for that day, then revise my weekly schedule accordingly. Of course, I’ve only been telling myself this for about five years now.

So this morning’s planned 3-hour run turned into a 1-hour run with a 4-mile time trial. My time trial was about 15 seconds slower than 2 weeks ago, but this run came at the end of a 70-mile week instead of a 50-mile week last time, so that adjustment seems about right. At least that’s what I’m telling myself, because the alternate explanation would be that I’m getting slower.

I’m still pretty confident that I’m where I want to be with my training. And I’m only looking at one more high mileage week and one more long run before it’s time to taper for Big Sur.

That’s all for now. Monday will feature a late wake-up time, an easy midday run, an early dinner, then three anxious hours in front of the TV watching the national championship game.

And if all goes well, a very happy Tuesday morning loop.


matt 4/2/06, 7:09 PM  

i have my wonderful wife to thank for getting me out of bed on time for my run. getting 4-5 hours instead of the usual 6 does take its toll by 7 pm, though. i am dragging now.

i am glad you got your time trial in today. what time are you shooting for at Big Sur?

Darrell 4/2/06, 8:00 PM  

I laughed at your analogy to the smoker. You must be one cranky dude when you're tired. Bummer about the shortened run, but it sounds like you've got your plan all worked out.

I look forward to Tuesday's posting.

olga 4/3/06, 4:27 PM  

15 sec off...is nothing!
Somehow I survived the time change, but mentally it's a drain to know it's less to sleep amd earlier to get up.

robtherunner 4/3/06, 5:27 PM  

Relating a smoker to a runner is quite a feat. You never cease to amaze me with these parallels.

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