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April 26, 2006

Goody Bag Breakdown

One cool aspect of the Big Sur 5K is that students who register with their elementary school receive their goody bags and race numbers early during race week. My wife and son picked up their race packets yesterday, and I figured that my son’s first-ever goody bag was worthy of a closer look.

Here then, are some of the contents of the kid’s 5K goody bag, and subsequent observations:

• Race t-shirt: very cool design (above). Unfortunately, no youth sizes were available – which is somewhat puzzling, seeing as how several hundred grade school kids are involved. Anyway, it’s an adult size small – and should fit just perfectly in a couple of years.
• Race bib: his first race number! If you think that’s not going on the wall somewhere when he’s finished…then obviously you’re a first-time visitor to this blog. Welcome to Running and Rambling. Open 24 hours. Comments always appreciated.
• Gift certificate for a free pair of socks: I’m holding out hope on this one. If the running store doesn’t carry kids’ sizes, this could be gravy for Dad.
• Newsletter, recipes, and coupons from Earthbound Farms: the largest organic producer in America happens to be right in the heart of Carmel Valley. It’s at the turnaround point of many of my long runs. So if you’ve ever bought their products, thanks for supporting our local economy!
• Free checking account offer from Washington Mutual: um…ask me again when he’s in college.
• Runners’ World subscription coupon: don’t worry about this one, kid. Dad’s got it covered.
• Marathon Foto advertisement: really? Are they doing this for the 5K? This may be a potential investment – we’ll wait and see.
• Team in Training brochure: good cause. Wrong guy.
• 7g Aquaphor sample tube: leading to the following conversation...
Me: I’ll take that.
Son: No, I want to use it.
Me: OK, but first tell me…what is it used for?
Son: (blank stare)
Me: I’ll take that.
• OC Marathon brochure: When I was in college, I ran this marathon, but it was named the Orange County Marathon. Now it’s called the OC, implying that it’s a much hipper race than it used to be. Or maybe I was way cooler than I realized in college - you know, before anyone actually called it the OC.
• Bay to Breakers brochure: great race, but here’s the thing: a lot of people run naked there. A lot more run while drunk. Do we really want kids to participate in this? I need to think this one over.
• Light blue “run to remember” plastic wristband: wait - are we still doing this? I thought the whole wristband thing was over with (Except yellow. Wear yellow as long as you want. I’ll always be down with Lance). I couldn’t even tell what we were supposed to be “remembering” until I dug through the bottom of the bag and found the 2-inch high paper that explained it. Apparently it’s for hospice care. Which is certainly a worthy cause, and associated with running because...um, because...well, maybe I’m just not thinking of it. But it is a worthy cause.
• “Marathon” bar by Snickers: leading to the following conversation…
Me: I’ll take...
Son (interrupting): No way.
• Sample size Promax bar: don’t worry, Promax. The kid was hooked on these many years ago. But thanks for the sample.

As goody bags go, this one was pretty decent. I tried to explain to him that most bags don’t have quite so much stuff in them. However, that somehow evolved into a discussion of what kind of free food would be available at the finisher’s tent after the race.

So if the kid wasn’t hooked on running before, maybe all the little perks will help push him one step further down that road. Now all that’s left is for him to actually do the race.

And I have a feeling he’ll do just fine.


jkrunning--Just Keep Running 4/26/06, 10:27 AM  

I have my daughters first race bib (autographed) framed on the wall. I hope it will be a sweet reminder one day of her first 5K. She had to get an adult small too, but she likes to wear it to bed.

backofpack 4/26/06, 12:16 PM  

Cool stuff! Now tell me what an Aquaphor tube is? I need to know if I need one.

olga 4/26/06, 8:24 PM  

Michelle, this dude http://runsanfran.blogspot.com/ is sponsored by Aquaphor, ask him...if he knows:)
I love this baggie! And the number most definitely goes on the wall!

Darrell 4/26/06, 10:47 PM  

How fun. I was sure there was no way you'd get the Marathon bar, nice try though! Looking forward to the race report.

susie 4/27/06, 2:36 AM  

Wow it's Thursday and it's almost here. For you all (somehow I missed that your wife was running, too). Best of luck...Tell your son we'll all be thinking about him:) --and you--enjoy the day. Run strong and report early!

stronger 4/28/06, 7:38 AM  

I doubt your son reads your blog but "Go Donald's son, go!" Hope he has a fun day. I bet that bag was pretty exciting for him.

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