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April 28, 2006

Go Time

My last order of business before any big race is a very simple, very symbolic one. After my final training run, I clear the memory of my stopwatch.

I typically let workouts accumulate on my watch for several weeks. It doesn’t serve any practical purpose, but it’s somewhat comforting to carry around a reminder of all the training I’ve been doing in case I ever want to reassure myself that I’ve been preparing well.

But today it was time to put that behind me. I did an easy 3-miler, then pressed the lower right button of my watch:

“Hold to clear last wrkout – hold to clear chrono mem”.

Just like that, it was done. And just as quickly, I mentally shifted into race mode.

The past is now prologue. The real story begins Sunday morning.

This will be my last post until after the marathon. Thanks for everyone's encouragement this week.

See you on the other side.


Garou 4/28/06, 2:07 PM  

I did the same thing. I had a couple workouts stored on my watch (no reason, just too preocupied to record them elsewhere and clear it out), and I made sure yesterday that all the memory was cleared. I may not do more than start & stop (depending on how clearly miles are marked), but it is a symbolic thing, as you said.

Good luck with your race on Sunday.

stronger 4/28/06, 2:23 PM  

Looking forward to the race report!

backofpack 4/28/06, 2:27 PM  

Good luck Donald! We'll be cheering for you!

Kim 4/28/06, 2:52 PM  

Good luck! Can't wait to hear/see how you do!

Downhillnut 4/28/06, 3:26 PM  

What a great ritual. Watch clutter/data-weight becomes a confidence boost, and you have a pristine slate on which to record your race time.

I'm going to do this, too.

Have a GREAT RACE Donald!

Susan 4/28/06, 4:00 PM  

Speedy and safe wishes for you Donald. I look forward to the report on the other side.

robtherunner 4/28/06, 4:01 PM  

Have a great race this weekend. We have a gal in our running club running her second Big Sur. I am so jealous.

Darrell 4/28/06, 9:12 PM  

Thanks for your input.

Have a great race. Enjoy those drums.

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