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April 13, 2006

...And All Californians Shouted "Amen!"

The sun has been shining all day today. Not a trace of rain in sight. It's 76 degrees outside with blue skies and a slight breeze. Spring is definitely on.

Hopefully this also signals the imminent termination of Californians complaining about the weather. Our long national nightmare is over.

I'm heading outside to run with my son.


olga 4/13/06, 5:00 PM  

It will rain tomorrow, as far as prediction goes:( I know, it sucks, trust me, I know...

Anne 4/13/06, 5:56 PM  

We got a reprieve too -- sunny and in the low 80s the last two days. Rain expected to make a return, but knowing it's now sporadic and not the norm, I'll weather it better.

matt 4/13/06, 10:14 PM  


Don't get too cocky about the weather, my friend! My Doppler 6000 radar says you are due for a nasty day of thunderstorms tomorrow. :)

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