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March 1, 2006

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

I’ve never been good at tapering.

More generally, I’m not very good at waiting for anything. And that’s one of the main elements of tapering: you’re waiting to learn if your training was good enough, waiting in hopes that your body will heal and gain strength, waiting to discover if your race strategy is the correct one.

I know it’s a necessary evil. As Dr Phil would say, “You don’t have to like it, you just have to do it!” He’s not really talking about tapering, but if the shoe fits, I’ll wear it.

(Just a random observation, but has anyone gone from “apex of their career” to “desperately trying to stay afloat by relying on gimmicky episodes and publicity stunts” faster than Dr Phil? I remember a time when I found him very credible. Then he started selling diet pills, making family Christmas specials, and acting like Chuck Woolery on the “Dr Phil Love Cruise,” and I can’t believe he’s jumped the shark so quickly. Sorry, back to the post…)

Speaking of shoes, I’ve been running for the past couple of days in these new racers, and they feel pretty comfortable. I know a lot of tri-bloggers like to post photos of their gear, so here’s my meager attempt to emulate them:

It’s, you know, a pair of shoes. Blue shoes. New Balance 901s for anyone who is interested.

I’ve never really been able to wear lightweight racers, because I’m so big that I feel like I need much more cushioning and stability than racing flats offer. So this shoe is a compromise – it’s lighter than my standard trainers, but sturdier than a racing shoe.

I typically don’t believe in relying on specialized gear to help me succeed on race day. I think 98% of race-day success is based on physical preparation beforehand, and psychological mindset during the event. But hey, if the right shoes will shave a couple of minutes off my time, I’m willing to give them a try.

So what do you think…do they look fast?


stronger 3/1/06, 10:18 AM  

Put 'em on your feet and then we'll tell you if they look fast.

backofpack 3/1/06, 1:09 PM  

They do look fast! I bet you'll be floating along in those.

jeff 3/1/06, 4:25 PM  

they look...


olga 3/1/06, 4:52 PM  

They look cute:)

And no, no perfect life in site, but that's OK.

angie's pink fuzzy 3/1/06, 5:35 PM  

they look smokin' fast :)

and, you know, blue

robtherunner 3/1/06, 8:15 PM  

I have not been able to talk myself into racers yet either, The closest I have got is the Brooks Burn that is a little lighter than the adrenalines, but they can only hold up for about 300 miles before there toast.

Those look fast so I hope with fast shoes, training, and a good mental outlook things will all work out in NAPA.

DREW 3/2/06, 9:48 AM  

Ahh, got your site enabled for non-Blogger comments, I see. Cool.

About the shoes, the one on the left looks kind of, well, dead, but the one on the left looks fast.

I'm running Napa on Sunday as well and have greatly appreciated your "Chronicles." Thanks for taking the time to post them.

Darrell 3/2/06, 10:53 PM  

Do they feel fast. I wonder what they'll look like on Sunday afternoon.

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