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March 22, 2006

Lessons From Spring Break

Today’s post is an easy one, so I thought I’d take a minute to ponder something with you…

While watching The Amazing Race this season, I’ve considered how many million other people are tuned in at the same time. Specifically, there have to be way more fans of this show than for some sporting events like the WNBA or professional soccer, or (sadly) even running.

Here’s my thought: in most casinos, you can gamble on the aforementioned sports leagues (in Vegas, you can even bet on the Las Vegas Marathon). Has anyone thought to take wagers on questions like “In what episode will Eric and Jeremy hook up with the Pink girls?”, “What city will they be in when they first make out?”, or “Which girl will go with Eric, and which with Jeremy?”

It seems if there were some sports bookie that opened these lines, he would see a lot of action. There’s definitely a lot of money that could trade hands. Why not open the reality TV floodgates, and start laying odds on which girl will end up with The Bachelor, whether Lenny from The Apprentice will ever reveal a previous affiliation with the KGB, or set an over/under on how many times we’ll see Cirie’s pixellated breasts falling out of her swimsuit on Survivor this season.

Then again, maybe that’s just my quirky mind at work.

Anyway, on to today’s post…it’s a link to our Monterey Herald article from last week, about lessons learned from the 2006 Napa Valley Marathon. Give it a look here, then feel free to let me know what you think.


backofpack 3/22/06, 8:38 AM  

Too funny! I particularly like the part about winning your weight in wine. Does that include the weight of the bottle? How much does a bottle of wine weigh?

We have a member of our club who'll be running Big Sur - she's going for her Marathon Maniac status - I believe that will be number two of the three in three months.

stronger 3/22/06, 9:17 AM  

Another good herald article. I liked the way you used The Gambler.

Anne 3/22/06, 9:55 AM  

Sound advice wrapped in lyrics to a silly Kenny Rogers' song. I love it!

susie 3/22/06, 1:34 PM  

Great article--I found myself nodding along as I read. Maybe I was singing along.

robtherunner 3/22/06, 3:02 PM  

Great article and send Mike my condolences as I know how he may be feeling. Sometimes it sucks to walk away.

Thanks for the e-mail.

Downhillnut 3/22/06, 4:06 PM  

Now I'll be humming the Gambler on my next run. Love it when lyrics can have alternate meanings!

No Survivor this week :( Now I'll have no excuses not to run an extra hill during my evening run.

olga 3/23/06, 9:49 AM  

Where do we come for a party?

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