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February 3, 2006

Change of Plans

We never made it to the mountains.

More accurately, we never left our driveway. Our bags were packed, the kids were excited, and we were nearly ready to roll until a couple of phone calls changed our plans.

The first call was to the kids’ great-grandmother, at whose house we were planning on staying, to get a snow report.

The report was very short: “There’s no snow.”

Apparently it’s been raining lately as high as 6000’ instead of snowing. There is no snow on the ground at her house (at 5000’), and very minimal snow at the bunny slope where I taught my son to ski last year. We could have gone all the way up to the big ski resort, and paid a little extra to get the kids in gear, and we were considering this until the second phone call.

My wife called her parents, who were supposed to make the trip with us. They were both in the throes of the stomach flu (hmmm….can't imagine where they got it from). Her father hadn’t been out of bed all day.

It should be noted that our kids absolutely adore Grandma and Grandpa, and if pressed would probably choose them over my wife and I to accompany them on vacation. It would be a major downer to go ahead on the trip without them.

Grandpa was also going to be my asistant ski instructor. I wasn't confident in my ability to teach a 4-year-old how to ski while also supervising a 7-year-old skiing for only his second time. It seemed a recipe for disaster.

We talked it over with the kids, and decided to stay put. We’re all pretty bummed out, because there’s no telling if we’ll get another chance to make a snow trip this year. Between school and work schedules and other commitments, it’s hard to find times when the whole group can make the trip.

It was a tough call, and it’s a sad thing that we’re all staying home this weekend. Given the mood, I thought it prudent to allow at least an hour go by before asking the inevitable question…

“So, um….do you mind if I go running in the morning?”

And so it happened that I was able to run again this morning, when I wasn’t expecting to. I’d call it a silver lining to our failed plans, but I feel guilty in that I’m the only one in the family who gets to experience it.

I met the group in the early morning rain for our workout of church hill repeats. I’m still not running at full strength, and I was careful to take the intervals fairly conservatively. Still, I completed the full workout, and came home feeling like all hope isn’t lost for a good race at Napa next month.

Remember how I said my training had veered into a ditch? I can’t claim that I’m back to cruising speed, but let’s just say that this morning’s workout was like AAA pulling me back onto the road and putting air in my tires.

I’m keeping the vacation days off of work, and now my goal for the rest of the weekend is to find a silver lining for the rest of the family. I’ll take my son for a bike ride, take my daughter to the Aquarium, and play with our toddler at home. I’ll try to figure out a way to give my wife a bit of a rest from her nonstop grind, or at least share the load with her.

And perhaps if all goes well, I’ll try to sneak in a long run sometime, too.


stronger 2/3/06, 12:03 PM  

I saw your new post in blogslines and said, "hey, you're not supposed to be posting today." I'd love to give you some of our snow. I'm kinda over it.

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