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January 2, 2006

Still Puzzling

Today was kind of a lazy day.

My first run of 2006 was an easy 7-miler through the neighborhood, checking out the rising Carmel River and all of the swollen tributaries from the nearby canyons.

It rained for my entire run. It's been raining and blowing for about three straight days here. I think I saw some of the neighborhood animals lining up in twos when I was out there.

Our family spent the rest of the day hunkered down at home. We spent a few more hours on Mona Lisa, watching the ebb and flow of the storm from our patio windows.

The kids played outside for a while in their raincoats and boots, and drank hot chocolate with marshmallows inside.

And you know what tastes great when relaxing indoors on on a rainy winter's day? A big batch of warm brownies. My wife and I (OK, mostly I) made quick work of them, and we're making good progress on the puzzle, too.

Tomorrow it's back to the normal grind: work for me, school for the kids, some alone time with Mommy for our frequently attention-starved third child. It's probably a good thing for me, in that I tend to be more disciplined with everything (especially eating) within the structure of the work day.

But sometimes there's a lot to be said for lazy, rainy days.


Stacey Teague 1/2/06, 10:25 PM  

Donny, What did you get for Christmas? Did you get the GPS watch you asked Santa for???

Tammy 1/3/06, 8:43 AM  

Ah, lazy, rainy days... That's the real reason I love Seattle. :)

stronger 1/3/06, 2:23 PM  

I thought of you when I saw National Spelling Bee on ESPN over the weekend. I had just read your spelling bee posts. I didn't watch because I figured your recaps are much better than the real thing.

I snapped a photo of the Mona Lisa and they didn't even arrest me.

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