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January 27, 2006

Down with the Sickness

I didn’t run today, but at least I have a good story…

10:00 PM: Tuck myself into bed. Alarm set for 5:25. Plan to meet my friend at 5:45 for an easy 7-miler. Anticipating 7 hours of sleep – it’s the perfect plan.

10:15: 2-year-old baby starts crying and coughing. My wife’s maternal instincts kick in – she says, “That doesn’t sound right – it might be a long night.”

10:25: Eyelids getting very heavy, drifting off to sleep…

10:26: Loud cry from 2-year-old’s room. We go in just as she is vomiting in her crib. Wife changes the sheets and does laundry, I give 2-year-old a shower, brush her teeth, and warm her up in new pajamas under our bed covers.

10:30-11:00: 2-year-old vomits twice more while sitting on our bed, each time requiring change of clothes and tooth brushing

11:20: 4-year-old daughter starts crying in bed, begins vomiting just as I arrive in her bedroom.

11:22: Wife does laundry and prepares sofa bed in living room, I give 4-year-old shower, brush her teeth, and help put on warm pajamas.

11:40: 4-year-old and I stake out living room sofa, wife and daughter stay in our bedroom.

12:30 AM: 2-year-old settles down, wife puts her back in crib to sleep.

1:00, 1:45, 2:45: 4-year-old vomits, brushes teeth, uses mouthwash, returns to sofa each time.

3:25: 4-year-old is asleep. I actually look at my watch and think, Well, if I can get 2 hours of sleep, maybe I can still run… Daughter and I fall asleep.

5:25: Alarm goes off, 4-year-old is already awake and complaining of stomach ache.

5:45: Walk outside in pajamas to meet my friend and tell him I’m not running. Call work and tell them I’m not working. Lay back down with 4-year-old.

7:00: 4-year old wakes up, still feeling sick.

7:30: 2-year-old wakes up, feeling better.

7:30-12:00: Kids spend rest of morning on sofa watching cartoons. Mom and Dad try to rest in bedroom, to limited success. On the bright side, there’s been no vomiting for almost 9 hours.

Hopefully the rest day will do us all some good, and tomorrow will be better.


jeff 1/27/06, 4:38 PM  

eep! hope they're both feeling better now. hope you get some decent rest tonight, too. oh, and hope you don't catch what they had!

robtherunner 1/27/06, 6:42 PM  

Sounds like a tough night. I am thankful that my kids have been relatively vomit free most of their lives thus far.

BuckeyeRunner 1/28/06, 5:28 AM  

Oh. My. Goodness. What a night!! Hope the kiddies are feeling better, and you are able to catch up on that sleep. (And most importantly, that you and your wife don't catch that pesky stomach bug!)

Kim 1/28/06, 5:34 PM  

Hope you're not next! Take your vitamins! :) We've had similiar nights...and inevitably I end up with it. YUCK!

stronger 1/30/06, 8:38 AM  

Awwww. I'm new to kid vomit but a couple of months ago my son grabbed my arm in my bed and threw up on my head. Shower, change sheets. Again. Shower change sheets. Again. Now I keep a bowl by the bed!

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