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January 7, 2006

Don't Run

Know anyone who is taking up running as their New Year's resolution? My Monterey Herald article from last week serves as a bit of a disclaimer about some drawbacks of the running life. Read it here.


susie 1/8/06, 2:31 AM  

Funny! That part about comments at parties? So true!

Tammy 1/8/06, 1:13 PM  

Nice! Thanks for the study-break humor :) or maybe studying is my blog-reading break? hmm.

Jon in Michigan 1/8/06, 7:52 PM  

Hey! I started running as a pre-New Year's thing. Just after Christmas. And I'm still running. And sweating in public. And STINKING in public. And paying too much for weird running clothes. And...and...and damn I wish I had read this two years ago. :)

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