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January 20, 2006

Dog Days 10K

Thanks to everybody who expressed concern about our deck situation. Special recognition goes to Stacey, who took a page from my wife’s playbook and volunteered her husband to help me work this weekend.

I also like Stronger's idea of placing a trampoline at the base of the hill, creating a sort of thrill ride, like a redneck Great America. Maybe we could charge admission from neighborhood kids to offset some construction costs.

As it is, we have a large piece of plywood clamped across the entryway to prevent the kids from exploring, so at least we have one major safety aspect covered.

Enough about the deck. Tomorrow is one of my favorite training runs – the Every Dog Has Its Day 10K here in Carmel Valley.

It’s basically an all-downhill 10K that started as a birthday present from one running club member to another, and evolved into one of our club’s favorite traditions. Mike and I wrote a Monterey Herald article about it last year that you can read here.

I’m hoping to do about 15 miles before the race, then test out my 10K wheels. Last year I did the same thing before racing the 10K in the low 37s. This will be my first real chance to compare my current fitness level to last year's.

After that, I’ll switch into work mode and start our remodeling project. It should be a fun weekend.


jeff 1/20/06, 7:50 PM  

great article, d!

have run at the race!

BuckeyeRunner 1/22/06, 9:27 AM  

Nice article. I hope the race was good! Those times are amazing! My fastest 10K was 48 minutes, and that was almost 10 years ago!!

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