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December 29, 2005

Tough Guy

Yesterday brought another winter storm, very dark and blustery and wet all morning long. I went running in the storm at lunch time, then took my workout bag downstairs to our employee gym for a shower.

One of our security guards was lifting weights in the gym. He's very muscular, with a shaved head, goatee, and a general "tough guy" look to him -basically, exactly what you want a security guard to look like.

So as I entered the room soaking wet in my running clothes, muddy to the knees, and shivering slightly, it prompted the following exchange:

Him: Were you out there running?

Me: Uh-huh.

Him: It's still raining, right?

Me: Yup.

Him: And still windy?

Me: Yeah. Blowin' pretty hard.

Him: (long pause) Damn, dude...

Me: I'm tough too, bro.

And with that, I ducked into the locker room.

(I've gotta say, I just never get tired of exchanges like this...)


jeff 12/29/05, 4:42 PM  

heh...awesome. i love the 'muddy to the knees' part.

anyone can run when it's sunny and warm. weather makes you hard.

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