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December 13, 2005

Time Passages

I've written before about "the loop", a 13-mile route through Steinbeck Country that is our running group's Tuesday morning staple. My friend Mike has ben running it consistently for over 15 years, and I've been running it for almost 10 years. Our latest Monterey Herald article looks at how some things around Mike have changed in that period of time, while others haven't. Link to the article here.


Anne 12/13/05, 10:36 AM  

Really enjoying your blog, Donald. And I am just so jealous of your scenery. Yeah, I know I can't complain here in San Diego. But I will.

Meantime, be sure to check my latest post. It involves you. Hope you don't mind.

robtherunner 12/13/05, 3:18 PM  

Great article Donald. That's pretty fast for a 13 mile trail loop.

Kim 12/13/05, 4:07 PM  

Sounds like lots of fun. I've done the loop on my bike many times but have never run it. That SB hill is a ... I'll have to slot it for a run when I'm *home*.

Happy training.

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