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December 30, 2005

Temptation Overload

Just a quick observation for a Friday...

I was in the employee gym today on my way to shower after running at my lunch hour. In the gym were two very overweight ladies - one waking on a treadmill and another making slow circles on the elliptical trainer.

We have 3 TVs in the gym, two of them were on, and both were tuned in to the Food Network. On the screen was a woman making a chocolate souffle, talking in endearing terms about the richness of the ingredients, and what a mouthwatering delight the finished product would be.

Now, I'm all for these ladies trying to exercise and lose a little weight (two days before New Year's, even!). But as I glanced back and forth between the ladies and the TV screens, the air of helplessness in the room was almost palpable. Their faces looked miserable.

I peered over their exercise machines. The timers had been running less than 10 minutes.

I wanted to ask...why were they doing this to themselves? Not the exercise part, but watching a dessert chef on TV while they were doing it. Isn't this like a gambling addict watching the World Series of Poker, or a group of monks watching the Playboy Channel? Why were they tempting themselves in such a fashion, when there are almost 60 other channels to choose from? Why purposely stack the deck against themselves?

Honestly, I wish them well, but I just can't imagine how this undertaking of theirs is going to succeed. Then again, maybe they'll surprise me.

Maybe I'll see them in the gym again next week, and I can encourage them more than I did today.

At the very least, I can recommend a different channel for them to watch.


jeff 12/30/05, 2:17 PM  

i have recorded dvd's of this years tour de france that i could loan you...sneak those in for some motivation!

angie's pink fuzzy 12/31/05, 9:29 AM  

Hmm...I can understand a little bit. I have gallbladder disease, and I cannot eat certain foods (rich chocolate souffle comes to mind). However, one of my favorite pasttimes now is to inhale deeply as something rich and fatty and chocolatey or fried wafts by me. All my friends have gotten used to my rather odd request of letting me smell their food before they eat it (yes, I know - very strange). But that helps me cope with not being able to eat it. It fulfills me. I feel like I'm not missing out on something.

So perhaps watching the food network comforts these women - while they are attempting to take care of themselves, they can take comfort in knowing that a chocolate souffle still exists. Maybe it helps them feel like they aren't that far out of their comfort zone, so they can exercise while feeling safe...

Tammy 12/31/05, 12:31 PM  

I like Angie's answer... It's ok to exercise now, because the souffle will still be there.... :)

Happy New Year Donald!

BTW, if you find Bono's blog, let me know! hehe

Jon in Michigan 12/31/05, 7:07 PM  

There's a TV at my gym that is permanently on the Food Network. Who can resist Rachel Rey? :)

stronger 1/1/06, 11:18 AM  

Or maybe their temptation overload has a purpose. If they engross themselves in enough chocolate it will no longer appeal to them. Or maybe they will begin to associate those temptations with exercise and feel the desire to exercise when they think of their temptation.

Oh Yeah, the countdown clock has a purpose.

Happy New Year to you and your family.

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